Land For Sale In Iron County Utah

Land For Sale In Iron County Utah – 80 acres with direct water and accessible roads. Consisting of four plots of 20 hectares, this land has potential as a recreational, agricultural/pasture or family home. It has 1 acre ft of water right #71-1248, priority date 1944. The land has frontage on both sides and is accessible most of the way from HWY on good hard gravel roads, with only 2400 And turning into dirt road in the function.

The fiber optic cable is brought to the nearest neighborhood and is approx. Half a mile from the property, see photos for maps and detailed notes. The listing broker compensation offer is only offered to MLS participants in which the listing is registered.

Land For Sale In Iron County Utah

Land For Sale In Iron County Utah

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Iron County Commission Eyeing Industrial Area Near Airport As Location For New Jail, Sheriff’s Complex

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“I had a wonderful experience working with Brandon and buying land…so easy and I couldn’t believe I could own land and invest in real estate. Easiest real estate transaction ever.” Cedar fields and fields are rare. 3,878 +/- contiguous acre farm located in Iron County, Utah near the town of Enoch. The farm has already taken steps to become fully organic, improve its irrigation system and create a good market of buyers for its products. Cedar Valley Farm includes good water, large acres of farmland and close proximity to Cedar City and is a very functional and productive farm.

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The hay production operations are aimed at the organic dairy market. The small production of seeds is mostly sold to the vegetable industry to make food supplements, drink supplements and other related products. The farm has historically brought sheep and/or cattle to graze the remaining land. close details

Cedar Valley Farm is located north of Cedar City. Cedar City is the largest city in Iron County, Utah. It is located 250 miles south of Salt Lake City and 170 miles north of Las Vegas on Interstate 15.

The farm consists of 3,878 +/- acres and 1,305 +/- irrigated acres. There are ten (10) center pivots to irrigate 1,145 hectares and wheel lines that irrigate 160 hectares. Almost half of the land is in alfalfa and the balance is fine grain. All of the farm’s acres are certified organic and crops and hay are sold as such.

Land For Sale In Iron County Utah

The hay production operations are aimed at the organic dairy market. The small production of seeds is mostly sold to the vegetable industry to make food supplements, drink supplements and other related products. The farm has historically brought sheep and/or cattle to graze the remaining land.

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There are 11 water wells on the property, all connected throughout the farm. All water can be measured. Other water sources are Brafitts Creek and Rush Lake. These are seasonal runoff water sources to which the farm has water rights. These sources are also connected to the water well system. The total acre feet is 4,334 and the farm currently uses an average of 4 ac ft/ac for irrigation. There are some livestock breeding facilities on this property. Farm equipment is available under a separate contract.

Thank you. Your request has been sent to the listing representative. Please check your email for more information about the property and contact details. You will receive more information soon. If you want to get away from it all, this private and remote property in Iron County, MO is for you.

This parcel is located on a well-maintained dirt road just off 49 and on County road 126. Due to the fact that the plot is surrounded by undeveloped land, the sense of tranquility, privacy and distance is enhanced. They are mostly wooden and there is no development or structure on them.

The views from every direction of the area are very beautiful. The lot sits on top of a hill and has miles of views in all directions. The wires on the property are about 50 meters above the ground.

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Home construction is allowed – single family homes or mobile homes are allowed. This would also be a prime investment/hunting property as there is timber harvesting available.

Camping is allowed on this property up to 90 days a year and campers/RVs are allowed. The hunting in this area is excellent – deer and turkey are plentiful.

If you are looking for more land, you are in luck: we also own a neighboring 3.13 acre property that is also listed for sale (see details here). We will be happy to sell both to the same buyer at a discounted price.

Land For Sale In Iron County Utah

The property is only 10 minutes from Annapolis, MO, which is a small town where you can access basic services such as a market, dollar store, post office, etc. It has more options for general stores, churches, restaurants, etc.

W March Street, Pearce, Az 85625

For everything else, Farmington is just under an hour away. Here you can find almost everything you want: Wal-Mart, Walgreens, hardware store, doctors, many restaurants, hotels, activities and more. If you want to go to a big city, downtown St. Louis is only 2 hours away.

There are detailed notes on how to find and access the property at the bottom of this listing with a GoogleMap link to the exact location.

This property is located near many of Missouri’s best outdoor recreation areas. A few minutes away you can find:

The owner of this property will be eligible for a Missouri Department of Conservation deer and turkey hunting license.

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Viewing Instructions: You can go to view the property at your convenience. The owner does not need to be accompanied Please call/text us to let us know you plan to be out so we can make sure we have your phone on hand if you need help or have any questions. If possible, let me know a few hours.

As this property is vacant, there is no physical address, so you can navigate to the property using the GPS coordinates (listed above) or using this GoogleMaps link.

The entrance to this area is on HWY 49 and is signposted by Chevron Sierra Land Co. A post office and a warehouse are also specified. The main road winds its way into the mountains on a loose gravel road that eventually splits into Hidden Valley Lakes. As you head north, you’ll pass several lots marked with no conflict signs and one or two locked gates leading to different lands.

Land For Sale In Iron County Utah

To access the parcel, take Garner Road, which turns left at the top of the hill and takes you down the hill, passing a small farm above Walnut Lake. When you reach the bottom of the hill, you will cross the west side of the lake and swing over a small spillway drain that flows west. After you pass the lake, there is a 180 degree turn up the hill that takes you back to Hidden Valley Lakes and takes you to the corner of the area at Kelley Road and Hidden Valley Lakes.

Acres In Iron County Utah, Beryl Junction, Ut 84714

It is easily recognized based on the symmetry of the road around them and the folds of the landscape along the northern end leading to the creek bed. The south side of the grounds is a straight track with open spaces on either side of the road for views south over the hills and north into the property. Just in front of the property is a cabin on the right side of the road and a nearby one on the left side of the road, so if you pass, you are too far. Make sure you don’t park in a place that blocks your neighbors’ access to the street or their property. Thank you!

Please be careful! The roads leading to and from the property can be rough/rocky with larger rocks in the road in some places. A small car can make the trip, but we recommend a lifted vehicle like a truck or SUV to drive in and out of the neighborhood.

Please be careful! To walk property lines, we highly recommend an app called OnX ​​Hunt, which uses your phone’s GPS system to show you property lines and allows you to walk them in real time. Especially since the lot is mostly wooded, with no “landmarks” (ie a house) and is surrounded by other vacant/wooded areas.

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