Who Owns Property Around Me

Who Owns Property Around Me – How to check who owns the property? How do I find out who owns the vacant property?

I’ll show you how to find out who owns a property for free! You can do this search online or by phone. It only takes a few minutes and is the most important thing you need to check when you are looking at a land purchase listing.

Who Owns Property Around Me

Who Owns Property Around Me

Download the step-by-step guide below to “Check who owns a property” for FREE Just enter your name and email. email address, click “Download” and you’ll have direct access to the step-by-step guide for free.

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I’m going to share with you the first question on our Land Purchase Due Diligence Checklist and answer the ONE question that should be at the top of your due diligence checklist: Who owns the land?

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Okay, let’s get started. There are many ways to find out who owns land in the United States. Several services like AgentPro247, DataTree, RealQuest PRO give you this option. These are very useful services! However, you usually need a monthly subscription to access their data.

And that’s great if you’re a land investor or have a career in real estate. But what if not? What if you’re an average Joe looking to buy land? If you’re Joe, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered because this method I’m about to show you is FREE.

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So I’ll use the example of a property here in Costilla County Colorado. I don’t own this property, in fact I don’t know who does, but we’ll find out!

It is very important to do this early in the due diligence process as you may end up falling for a scam or buying a property from someone who does not have the right to sell it. And that person may not even know they don’t have the right to sell it. They may have been caught in a scam themselves or lost property because they failed to comply with their property taxes.

If you want to make sure you’re buying your next home the right way, ie. i.e. you are buying it from the current owner and that ownership has been successfully transferred to you, you need to check and see who is listed as the current owner.

Who Owns Property Around Me

If you’ve found a property you’re considering buying on real estate websites, Craigslist, or even Facebook Marketplace, you can get the parcel number directly from the ad or simply ask the seller and they can give it to you. that information.

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Note: If the seller doesn’t have or can’t provide you with a package number, that’s a big red flag. This increases the likelihood that the seller is a fraud or is not authorized to sell you the property.

Ok, now we need to find the county assessor’s page and see if they have an online parcel search.

Each county’s page will be different. On the evaluator page, you want to search for keywords such as “online package search” or “translator package search”. Here is the Costilia County Assessor’s page. I will click on the “County Assessor’s Property Search” link. On the next page, you will need to agree to the county’s disclaimer.

And here is the Costilla County Assessor’s Database. So now you’ll need that second piece of information, the package number (remember, in our example, the package number is 70273760). I’ll paste it into the Part Number box and click Search.

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And the great thing about the Costilla County Assessors database is that when you click on these linked texts, you can see the people involved in the transaction (and when they bought the property – even how much they paid!), the owner’s details, the appraisal. . history, tax history and land information.

If the property you want to buy is in a county that doesn’t have an online database, you can always call the county assessor’s office and give them the lot number. They will be able to find this property information for you.

However, keep in mind that it may take several weeks for the appraiser to update their property information. So if you’re hoping to buy from someone who claims to own the land, ask them to provide you with a copy of their recorded deed.

Who Owns Property Around Me

If it was recent, wait a few weeks before buying land to see if the Assessor’s page has been updated. You can also call the Assessor’s office and ask them to check for you. Even if their online database is awaiting changes, they should have the latest information in their office.

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This is the first step in your due diligence checklist when buying land – verifying who owns the property. And now you know how to do it for FREE.

Another due diligence item on your list should be: What are back taxes and debts? I’ll cover how to check this in part 2 of this video and blog series.

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If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I will be sure to answer and help you out. Thanks so much for watching and I’ll talk to you soon.

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The information in this article should not be construed as legal advice. I’m not a lawyer, and if you’re thinking about buying land, I recommend you talk to a solicitor or attorney to find out what your options are. It can be difficult and overwhelming to do a proper title search, especially for the inexperienced. A local property agent or solicitor can help to make sure what rights are included in your property. Determining tenancy rights and access can sometimes become a complex and confusing situation, so it is best to get professional advice. Find out how we can help you become a homeowner in Muncie, even if you can’t buy a home the “traditional” way. . We are here to give those with BAD or NO credit hope and opportunity to own a home.

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Who Owns Property Around Me

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