Rottweiler Puppies For Sale Arizona

Rottweiler Puppies For Sale Arizona – Thanks To “Richard & Gina Owen” For Choosing Many Rottweilers For Your New Bundle Of Joy

Thanks To “Tony and Family” For Choosing Many Rottweilers For Your New Bundle Of Happiness

Rottweiler Puppies For Sale Arizona

Rottweiler Puppies For Sale Arizona

Welcome To The Official Website Of Massive Rottweiler’s. We are a small family owned kennel located in Arizona. We have been breeding Rottweilers for over 20 years. We believe that Rottweilers are the best breed in the world and we breed their best lines. Our dogs are dedicated to breeding healthy and social Rottweilers with excellent temperaments for obedience, adaptability and wonderful companions. We have 6 Rottweilers in our family now and plan to add to that in the future. The welfare of this rare breed is our goal. It is a real honor to be a breeder of this rare breed. We love our Rottweilers and hope you do too. Quality does not happen by accident or overnight. We raise our Rottweilers by focusing not only on the shape of our Rottweiler, but also on temperament. We strive to create calm, confident, courageous dogs with an innate desire to protect home and family. All of our puppies have full AKC Registration, and are up to date on all shots and deworming. Last Updated: 06/26/21 Thank you for visiting us. Von Valor Cross Rottweilers currently does not have any litters available. Check back with us or email us for future reproduction. Thank you!

Male Rottweiler Puppies For Sale In Pasadena

Our puppies are between $3300 and $3500 depending on the mating. Please note that we have done our research and invested in the highest quality lines to ensure a good foundation of dog health that is within the standards and guidelines of the true Rottweiler.

We ensure that the Rottweiler puppy you will purchase will pass OFA hip accreditation at the age of two. If your puppy develops Hip Dysplasia within a two-year period, it will be replaced with a puppy of the same value at the time of purchase from the next available litter. This is not a guarantee of cash; it is a substitute assurance. The replacement Rottweiler will be shipped at the buyer’s expense and the displacing dog will also be returned to my kennel at the buyer’s expense unless other plans are mutually agreed upon. If the buyer chooses to keep the puppy then all warranties are void unless the various arrangements are similarly specified. Evidence of Dysplasia is required before replacement can definitely be done. This can be done with documents from the OFA or X-ray as well as a statement from a qualified veterinarian. Von Valor Cross Rottweiler reserves the right to have my veterinarian analyze and validate x-rays before performing a replacement. We suggest that you do an initial x-ray on your puppy around six months of age to make sure early on that the pet’s hip is healthy.

We guarantee that your young puppy will be delivered healthy, with all inoculations almost daily. Their behavior cannot be guaranteed, the reason being that we cannot manage what happens to a pet dog after it leaves my kennel.

Von Valor Cross Rottweiler puppies range from $3300 to $3500 per puppy. When you decide to buy a Rottweiler puppy and submit a non-refundable deposit of $500.00 (minimum) you will definitely be listed in the order that I will receive the payments. The deposit is non-refundable, so make sure you want the puppy.

Rottweiler Puppies For Sale In Tucson, Az

Our Rottweiler puppies for sale can be shipped to the following states: Alabama, AL; Alaska, AK; Arizona, AZ; Arkansas, AR; California, CA; Colorado, CO; Connecticut, CT; Delaware, DE; Florida, FL; Georgia, GA; Hawaii, HI; Idaho, ID; Illinois, IL; Indiana, SA; Iowa, IA; Kansas, KS; Kentucky, KY; Louisiana, LA; Maine, MI; Maryland, MD; Massachusetts, MA; Michigan, MI; Minnesota, MN; Mississippi, MS; Missouri, MO; Montana, MT; Nebraska, NO; Nevada, NV; New Hampshire, NH; New Jersey, NJ; New Mexico, NM; New York, NY; North Carolina, NC; North Dakota, ND; Ohio, OH; Oklahoma, OK; Oregon, OR; Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania; Rhode Island, RI; South Carolina, SC; South Dakota, SD; Tennessee, TN; Texas, TX; Utah, UT; Vermont, VT; Virginia, VA; Washington, WA; West Virginia, WV; Wisconsin, WI; Wyoming, WY

If a Rottweiler is what you are looking for, we can help you! We offer Rottweiler Puppies for Sale as an IMPORTANT Rottweiler Puppy or one that we have bred. We have a Rottweiler Stud service with approved females of merit. If you are looking for a Rottweiler Junior for sale or a Rottweiler Adult for sale please email us directly! A gentle playboy and protector within the family circle, the Rottie observes the outside world with a confident aloofness.

American Canine Association Continental Kennel Club Universal Kennel Club International American Kennel Club United All Breed Registry America’s Pet Registry, Inc. United Kennel Club (Based on breed recognition. See store for details on this particular puppy.)

Rottweiler Puppies For Sale Arizona

Originating from the German city of Rottweiler in Wurttemberg, the Rottweiler was a working dog in the Middle Ages as a herding dog, guard dog, messenger and police K-9. Still used today for guarding and guarding, this breed is also an excellent search and rescue dog, military and police K-9, tracking, schutzhund, obedience competition and assistance dog for the visually challenged.

Rottweiler Puppies In Arizona: Top 6 Breeders! (2024)

The Rottweiler is a reliable, strong, brave, fearless, assertive breed. Your Rottweiler is a natural guard dog, steady, calm, loyal and very intelligent. This breed needs a lot of early socialization, good with family and friends, but wary of unfamiliar people and chases other pets. You must be a calm, experienced and humane owner who provides consistent and reassuring guidance to your Rottweiler using only motivational training methods.

Rottweilers are strong, athletic, high-energy dogs and need plenty of daily exercise including brisk daily walks, jogging, running or swimming. Do some nose work on this breed and your Rottweiler will love it. Insufficient mental stimulation can cause this breed to develop other behavioral issues, such as aggression.

Care Requirements:   Requires regular brushing and bathing. Coat: Short and thick  Shedding: Average shedding  Hypoallergenic: No, due to shedding  Residentiality: Good for apartment living if given enough exercise  Shedding: No  Good For Children: Good for all children if the company is good as a child. Good With Other Pets: Generally good with other pets if properly socialized at an early age.

The ideal Rottweiler is a medium-sized, strong and powerful dog, black with clear rust markings. Its compact and large construction means great strength, agility and endurance. Male dogs are larger overall with a larger frame and heavier bones than female dogs. Female dogs are distinctly feminine, but without weakness in substance or structure.

Arizona Dog Breeders With Puppies For Sale

Of medium height, wide between the ears; frontal line seen in profile is moderately arched; zygomatic arch and stop well developed with a strong broad upper and lower jaw. The preferred ratio of back skull to muzzle is 3 to 2. The forehead is preferably dry, although some wrinkling may occur when the dog is alert. The expression is dignified, lively and confident. Eyes of medium size, almond-shaped with appropriate lids, moderately deep set, neither protruding nor receding. The desired color is a uniform dark brown. Major Faults — Yellow (rabdope) eyes, eyes of different color or size, hairless eye rim. Disqualification–Entropion. Ectropion. Ears of medium size, hanging, triangular shape; when brought to attention the ears are level with the top of the skull and seem to expand it. The ears should be well set apart, hanging forward with the inner part lying firmly on the head and ending in the approximate middle of the cheek. Major Faults — Improper carriage (rolled, folded or held by the cheek/head). Muzzle — The bridge is straight, wide at the base with a slight taper towards the tip. The tip of the muzzle is broad with a well-developed chin. The nose is broad rather than round and always black. Lips-Always black; the corners are closed; The pigment in the inner mouth is preferably black. Major Defects – Total lack of pigment in the mouth (pink mouth). Bite and Teeth — Teeth 42 in number (20 upper, 22 lower), strong, properly set, meeting scissors–lower incisors touching the inside of the upper incisors. Major Faults — Bite level; some missing teeth. Disqualifications–Overshot, undershot (if the incisors do not touch or eye to eye); hard mouth; two or more teeth are missing.

Neck — Strong, well muscled, of moderate length, slightly arched and without skin. Topline — The back is strong and flat, extending in a straight line from the withers to the croup. The back remains horizontal to the ground while the dog is moving or standing. Body — The chest is broad, wide and deep, reaching to the elbow, with a well-pronounced forechest and well-sprung, oval ribs. The back is straight and strong. The loin is short, deep and well muscled. The croup is wide, medium length and slightly sloping. The underline of an adult Rottweiler has a slight increase. Men should have two normal testicles that descend properly into the scrotum. Disqualification–Unilateral cryptorchid or cryptorchid males. Tail — The tail hangs short, close to the body, leaving one or two tail vertebrae. The tail is more

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