Idaho Ranches For Sale By Owner

Idaho Ranches For Sale By Owner – Livewater properties for sale in Idaho include Dude & Guest Farms. We list the best Idaho dude and guest ranches in the state to own and operate a hotel. With plenty of scenic and recreational opportunities, our Idaho Dude and Guest Ranch properties will satisfy your guests’ thirst for nature and keep them coming back for generations. It’s an opportunity to get up close and personal with mountain interiors, trail rides, hikes and picnics. These popular, versatile properties rarely come up for sale, but when they do, we have the vesting, leasing and operating experience to help both buyers and sellers.

At Living Water Properties, LLC we want to connect hunting, fishing, conservation, ranch, garden and horse properties with people who value them.

Idaho Ranches For Sale By Owner

Idaho Ranches For Sale By Owner

Live Water Properties is an agricultural and land real estate brokerage specializing in land and farm sales. Living Water Properties represents clients in the acquisition and disposition of investment-grade agricultural properties in Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Nebraska, California and Utah, and land properties in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. Our focus is on fly fishing farms, hunting lodges and ranches and hotels, as well as sales of farm, plantation, timber, equestrian and sports equipment.

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Idaho Ranches For Sale By Owner

Four guys in a car driving from sunny Colorado, Wyoming to Jackson Hole in the fall of 1997, what could possibly go wrong? They pitched their tents around the city…

Horse Property For Sale, Buy & Sell Horse Farms & Horse Ranch Properties

During my 15-year real estate career at Live Water Properties, I have worked to develop long-lasting relationships with professionals and industry professionals in the area.

Today, we are seeing more and more small farm or ranch qualified properties on the market. If you are looking to buy a home…

Over the past 15 years I have been licensed to represent clients in the purchase and sale of farms in five states. At that time, my…

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Idaho Ranches For Sale

“If you’re considering buying a farm in Montana, Idaho or Wyoming, we can’t say enough about Jeff Shouse. Jeff is one of the smartest, most brilliant and respected people I know. It’s tough, but fair, and delivers results. When he negotiates on your behalf. Jeff’s knowledge and understanding of the farm is vast and his ability to promote business is world class. Jeff started as our broker and quickly became a trusted advisor and friend. Thanks Jeff for helping us find and buy. Our dream! “.

“On behalf of the entire Carter family, I would like to express our appreciation to Tate and Matt for the excellent manner in which they handled the sale of Commercial Spring Ranch. There are many details and legalities that need to be addressed. Overall, I have. Discussed it with the new owner, they seem like a great ranching family, they have been our family in the past and I hope you enjoy the farm as well, thank you very much.” The Slash E Ranch is located on the island of Idaho and West Yellowstone, Montana, the popular western entrance to Yellowstone National Park. The ranch is adjoined by inland and national forest land that leads to Yellowstone Park.

Wildlife such as elk, bison, antelope, mule deer and white-tailed deer, bears, coyotes, eagles, wolves and waterfowl migrate from the summer range to the winter range, re-privatizing this 1,072± acre ranch. A version of the park. Two streams, Darkey Creek and Howard Creek, run through the Slash E Ranch. A portion of the property is located on Lake Henry, perfect for fishing, canoeing, kayaking, bird watching and waterfowl hunting. Perfect for a large family or corporate retreat, the 3,477± sq. ft. home overlooks Lake Henry, and four additional log cabins are located on Turkey Creek.

Idaho Ranches For Sale By Owner

Sitting at an elevation of approximately 6480′-64040′, the property includes 1,072 ± deeded acres on 77 parcels of lush lawns, spring-fed ponds, streams and wetlands. There are always views of Lake Henry and the surrounding mountains. The ranch borders approximately 357± acres of national forest and state land bordering National Forest and then Yellowstone National Park, providing thousands of acres for restoration.

Perry Mill Ranch

Sitting on the eastern shore of one of Idaho’s high mountain lakes, the Slash E Ranch is an angler’s dream destination. A hybrid of spinner, streamer and spinnerbait fishing is considered one of the best fly fishing in the West. Farms of this quality do not come on the market often. Over the years, this area has become a favorite destination for Idaho recreationists due to its wildlife and fishing resources, as well as some of the most dramatic scenery on the North Cliffs. Additionally, the proximity to Yellowstone Park and Bozeman contributes to the ranch’s appeal and value. For these reasons, real estate investing is one of the most popular and limited products in the world, but it’s hard to imagine a more enjoyable investment. When you visit Slash E Ranch, you’ll quickly learn how the area got its name.

Special properties deserve a special land brokerage like Fay Ranch. Our team has knowledge, a proven track record of success and a deep appreciation for land and tradition. We know how to market your personal property to the right audience. We invite you to learn more about our approach. For more information, call 800-238-8616 or click the link below.

A gorgeous 7-bed suite with large windows offers panoramic views of Idaho’s sleepy deer ranches. Surrounded by mature trees and diverse wildlife habitats, it is a haven for nature lovers. The farm has stables, hay barns and extensive pastures to support conservation and equestrian activities. Convenient to health, shopping, and nightlife, it’s a gateway to Yellowstone, Teton National Park, and more, offering the perfect balance of tranquility and convenience.

This wonderful Idaho farm is enriched by Hornet Creek, which meanders through lush, irrigated pastures. Nestled among public lands, it is a haven for wildlife. Historically significant, it once served as a stopover. The area is a huge playground with fishing, hunting, boating, hiking and abandoned ghost towns, ruins from the Copper Age. Livestock farms offer the flexibility to operate as a livestock production enterprise or as a recreational facility.

Acres Of Recreational Land & Farm For Sale In Midvale, Idaho

Own a piece of Idaho at this unique property on the banks of the Locha River. Beyond the log cabin’s expansive picture windows that seamlessly connect indoor and outdoor spaces, you’ll find the freedom to fit your mountain dream lifestyle. Gated entrances and multi-purpose buildings offer privacy and convenience. When you’re out and about, you’ll find world-class fishing and hunting on your doorstep, and the nearby hiking trails and hot springs are worth exploring.

The heart of Idaho’s timeless farming and ranching community, the “Upcountry” is a quiet quarter to McCall, where wilderness collides with urban western tradition. Go to the rhythm led by the four seasons, where hard work, respect for the land and the ties that bind a community are the values ​​of this small rural mountain town. Experience the slow, rustic, rural life of ranchers to outdoor enthusiasts and everyone in between.

Discover River Springs Ranch’s hunting properties, a one-stop Idaho haven for waterfowl and upland game enthusiasts. Located along the stunning Snake River, this property offers many outdoor activities and stunning natural beauty. Cozy home, lush landscaping

Idaho Ranches For Sale By Owner

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