Crown Access Tickets Statue Of Liberty

Crown Access Tickets Statue Of Liberty – Climbing the crown of the Statue of Liberty is the dream of many travelers, but to do so you must purchase in advance one of the few tickets sold on the Statue Cruises website.

If you are one of them, in addition to learning how to visit the Statue of Liberty, I recommend that you consider the following article in which I will tell you in detail how to visit the Crown, how to buy tickets, how much price and what you will find there, among other things. Do not miss it!

Crown Access Tickets Statue Of Liberty

Crown Access Tickets Statue Of Liberty

The only way to get to the Crown of the Statue of Liberty is to purchase tickets online at the Statue Cruises website and do so months in advance of your visit, as tickets are few and far between and in high demand.

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Tickets cannot be purchased at that time to visit this part of the attraction, so if you do not want to experience this special experience, my advice is to plan your trip ahead, keep an eye on this website if there is any there have been updates and some tickets have been released to climb the Crown. Knowledge is very important!

Like I said, you have to buy them on the Statue Cruises website and choose the “Crown Reserve” option.

When you make your reservation, you will receive an email with a confirmation number that you must present at the Clinton Castle ticket office in Battery Park on the day of the tour with a valid ID and the card you used to make the purchase. to redeem your ticket and get the bracelet that will allow you to enter the Statue of Liberty’s crown.

You can buy the adult ticket from around 20 euros on the Statue Cruises website. You must choose the Crown Reserve option, which includes access to the Crown and Pedestal, the Statue of Liberty Museum and Enclosure, the Ellis Island Immigration Museum, and the ferry to Liberty Island.

The Statue Of Liberty

If you have the option, I encourage you to try taking the “Crown Reserve” option, as the payment is higher than the “Pedestal Reserve” or “General Admission” option, and you will see the Statue of Liberty. from the base to the crown.

It’s an experience that few have the chance to live in New York and it’s worth it!

It is important to do this, but unfortunately this is not possible. Currently, the only way to obtain tickets allowing access to the Statue of Liberty Crown is to purchase them online at the Statue Cruises website.

Crown Access Tickets Statue Of Liberty

Most New York tourist passes only provide basic access to the Statue of Liberty, meaning the tourist pass gives you access to the Statue of Liberty boat, the island and the museum there, not the Statue of Liberty pedestal or the Statue of Liberty. Freedom Crown.

Priority Statue Of Liberty And Ellis Island Reserve Tickets

If you want to see the inside of this famous monument, you will need to book the full Statue Cruises ticket separately, as it is not possible to use the tourist card to visit the Statue of Liberty and pay extra for the entrance to the ticket office. the crown or pedestal.

The Crown entrance gives access to a small observation room at the head of the statue that offers a special view of New York and the monument at a height of 93 meters.

Once you arrive to Liberty Island by ferry, you can visit the square at your leisure, but if you have a ticket to visit the Crown and the Pedestal of the Statue of Liberty, we recommend that you go directly as the last entry is at 3:30 PM and to enter the monument you have to queue for the second security check (next to the first check in Battery Park to board the boat) where you can enter the statue and it may take a long time .

The security check is very thorough and you cannot visit the Crown or Pedestal with bags, bags or food. With your camera, phone, water bottle or some medicine, before you go up, you have to get your luggage from the locker at the foot of the Statue of Liberty.

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They cost 25 cents to use and only accept coins, but there are change machines nearby for $5 and $1 bills, so don’t forget to bring change in your bag!

After visiting the pedestal and the Statue of Liberty Museum, climb to the Crown via a narrow spiral staircase with more than 300 steps (equal to 27 floors) that runs through the entire body of the Statue of Liberty.

It is not possible to take a lift to go up, so to do this tour you must be in good health and children must be at least 1.21 meters tall, otherwise the Crown cannot go up. If you have asthma or a heart condition or are afraid of heights or confined spaces, assess whether this is suitable for you. However, everything is done to make the visit possible for visitors.

Crown Access Tickets Statue Of Liberty

There are many stairs on the way, but the climb is not tiring but exciting because you can see the inside of the structure created by Alexandre Gustave Eiffel (the author of the Eiffel Tower) and in just 15 minutes you won’t. even feel it. , you will find yourself in the Crown and fulfill the dream of many visitors who come to New York.

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For example, if you want to enter the Crown, you can bring your camera, cell phone, water bottle and medicines, if you need them. In addition, the ascent and descent of the Kroon are separate stairs so that visitors entering and exiting do not meet each other and every few steps there is a place to stop and rest.

When you reach the top you will probably be surprised because you often imagine the Crown Viewing Room as a bigger and more spacious room, in fact it is so small that only a few people can fit inside. in one go.

Make the most of your time in the Crown as you’ll only have a few minutes to look out the windows and take a few photos and selfies before heading back down.

Is it worth climbing to the Crown of Liberty? What do you see on tour?

Climbing The Statue Of Liberty. Climbing All The Way To The Crown

Absolutely! This is one of the most unique and special experiences you can have in New York if you manage to get a ticket, which is very tricky because only a few tickets have been sold, so I recommend you try it !

On the other side you will see the structure of the Statue of Liberty, designed by Alexandre Gustave Eiffel (also the engineer who created the Eiffel Tower), which is often overlooked compared to the famous monument that is the work of the sculptor Frédéric. August Bartholdi.

On one side you see the interior of the Crown of the Statue of Liberty and through the windows you see the surrounding world. It’s one of the few areas where people can enter and as one of the lucky ones, it’s definitely worth a visit.

Crown Access Tickets Statue Of Liberty

From the point of view, due to the statue’s location in the east, it is a bit difficult to see the world of the crown properly compared to the amazing 360 degree view from the pedestal. If you look closely, you can see Manhattan, the Hudson River, Liberty Island or the details of the statue.

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However, don’t let this minor inconvenience stop you from climbing the Crown, because once you get to the top, I’d almost say the view is the worst. In my opinion, the most important thing is the opportunity to walk around the Statue of Liberty and enter the head of “Lady Liberty” to see her eyes in New York City.

Moreover, from the crown of the Statue of Liberty you will have an unusual view of the monument (this time you will see it from top to bottom and not the other way around), so I recommend that you take advantage of the time you have. there to photograph the landscape and statues and take several selfies in the observatory. I assure you that it is a unique experience that you will never forget! Are you looking for a unique and unique view of Manhattan? Did you know that humans can climb the crown?

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