Statue Of Liberty And Ellis Island Immigration Museum Ferry Ticket

Statue Of Liberty And Ellis Island Immigration Museum Ferry Ticket – A visit to Ellis Island is the perfect compliment to seeing the Statue of Liberty. Although the two islands may have very different histories, they are both important symbols of America and its immigrant history and future.

However, Ellis Island is not as famous as the Statue of Liberty and is sometimes forgotten. Many visitors don’t realize how easy it is to see both islands and miss Ellis completely. But as a NYC local and longtime travel guide, I’m here to tell you that visiting Ellis Island is not only very easy, but also worth the extra time.

Statue Of Liberty And Ellis Island Immigration Museum Ferry Ticket

Statue Of Liberty And Ellis Island Immigration Museum Ferry Ticket

Ellis Island is located in New York Harbor, north of Liberty Island and right next to Liberty State Park in New Jersey. Most of the island is part of New Jersey, except for a small patch in the northern part that is New York state.

Statue Of Liberty & Ellis Island Tour: All Options

The only way to get to Ellis Island is by Statue Cruises. This is the same ferry that takes you to Liberty Island. If you are visiting from New York, the ship stops first at Liberty Island, then at Ellis Island before going to Battery Park. There is no separate or specific ship for Ellis Island, they all make both stops.

No, the Statue of Liberty is on Liberty Island. People ask this question a lot, not knowing that the two islands are different. It’s a common misconception because some people don’t know about Ellis Island while others don’t know that the statue has its own island.

Adding Ellis Island to Your Freedom Tour couldn’t be easier. There is no additional ticket involved. All you need to do is make sure you have enough time and leave the ferry when it stops at Ellis.

You don’t have to worry about other security checks or baggage restrictions. Just be sure to double check the ferry schedule when you arrive so you know when you should be back in line.

Welcome To America: A Visit To The Statue Of Liberty & Ellis Island

There are also many reasons why you should spend the extra time to visit Ellis Island, even if you have no personal family history with the island.

As the crow flies, the two islands are less than half a mile apart. But since you will take the ferry, your route includes walking about a kilometer. The ferry from Liberty Island to Ellis Island takes 15 minutes.

Short answer: Very close. Once you are at Liberty Island, it is very easy to add a visit to Ellis Island.

Statue Of Liberty And Ellis Island Immigration Museum Ferry Ticket

I always advise my tour guests to go about an hour to Ellis Island. There is always time to skim the museum, walk through the Enrollment Room, see the Wall of Honor and maybe rest a bit / pick up a souvenir before heading back to Manhattan.

Inspired By Ellis Island: Tv, Movies, Books And More

However, you can spend up to 3-4 hours there if you are really invested and want to explore more. There are many exhibits to see and the information is very informative. Or you can take a Hard Hat tour and visit the historic center. The exact time is really up to you.

The National Museum of Immigration at Ellis Island is full of different exhibits, all dedicated to the immigrant experience. But the general house immerses you in the journey of being an immigrant and coming through, from opening at the ferry dock to climbing the stairs to the registration room.

Luggage room: When you walk up the ramp and enter the doors of the museum, the first impression you see is a pile of bags and suitcases. This large room is used as a baggage check for thousands of immigrants every single day. The examples you see are actual pieces of luggage from the Ellis Island era, over a century old.

American Family Immigration History Center: As you will learn below, the history center is a research center where you can search through hundreds of ship exhibits and documents to find your ancestors.

Plan Your Visit

Kissing Post: This small room is so named because it is where families and friends will be reunited for the first time after completing the immigration process. People wait here for hours and hours in anticipation of the emotional moment when their loved ones walk through the doors of the registration room and pass immigration control.

Tours: New Eras of Immigration and The Peopling of America: These two exhibits cover the time periods 1550-1890 and 1945-present. You will read about the early history of immigration, before Ellis Island existed, and how it all changed after Ellis Island was closed. You can even quiz yourself in the “Citizenship Gallery” with some of the questions asked in the naturalization test to become a US citizen.

“Island of Hope, Island of Tears:” The short film shown in Theater 1 is a perfect introduction to the museum. You’ll see footage of actual immigrants coming through the same building and hear first-hand accounts of what it’s like to be an immigrant at Ellis Island.

Statue Of Liberty And Ellis Island Immigration Museum Ferry Ticket

Registration room: The main hall of the museum is filled with thousands of confused and scared immigrants. Here the medical checks and legal tests take place. Where immigrants are either given permission to enter the United States or denied entry and sent home. Today it has been restored to its original appearance, with original wooden chairs and photographs of the room at various times.

Statue Of Liberty And Ellis Island Tour Tickets

Hearing Room: This small room is home to the Board of Special Investigation, where about 10% of the people on Ellis Island are held for a legal hearing. Immigrants who are deemed unfit for entry or who may become public charges will be given a yellow card and sent to one of the 3-4 committees that meet each day.

Through America’s Gateway: These exhibits describe step by step what many immigrants experience at Ellis Island – the hours of waiting, the medical examination, the legal inspection. The site is filled with legal hearing rooms, waiting rooms for witnesses, detention rooms and offices for the officers.

Peak Years of Immigration: Continuing the exhibits from the first floor, this exhibit focuses on immigration in the United States from 1880 to 1924, the period of greatest human migration in history.

Accommodation: Located next to the balconies of the registration room, the accommodation is full of immigrants who are temporarily detained. It has been restored to its 1908 appearance, with reproductions of the original three-piece bunk beds and mesh mattresses.

Statue Of Liberty And Ellis Island Cruise New York

Ellis Island Chronicle: Here you will learn about the history of the physical island, with miniatures showing its expansion and home.

Treasures From Home: Donations from various American immigrants and their children create this unique exhibit. These objects, considered very precious possessions, were carried with the immigrants during their emotional journey, and finally appeared here, representing many cultures and traditions.

Silent objects: a series of photographs showing the period after Ellis Island was abandoned, documenting the island in its state of disrepair and showing the original equipment, shown in the condition they found before restoration in the 1980s .

Statue Of Liberty And Ellis Island Immigration Museum Ferry Ticket

Restoring a Landscape: Here you will learn about the long and arduous process of restoring Ellis Island. Years of research and planning led to one of the most ambitious restoration projects in the country’s history.

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The Immigrant Wall of the United States is a series of stainless steel panels dedicated to the millions of immigrants who came through Ellis Island, as well as immigrants from other eras, slaves and the country’s Native American population. It is located on the eastern edge of the island, right next to a beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline.

Across the island from the museum is a large collection of 30 different buildings, once used as a hospital complex for sick or injured immigrants. These buildings have not been restored, and therefore have been abandoned since the 1950s. In fact, the entire southern part of the island is completely restricted to public access.

The only way to see these buildings up close is through a Hard Hat tour. This 90-minute experience takes you through several abandoned buildings and gives you the chance to travel through an untouched collection of history. If you are interested, you can find more information and tickets at the information desk on the first floor.

The entire database is on Ellis Island, hosted by the American Family Immigration History Center. Over 65 million records and immigration documents can be found with the help of research assistants who will answer questions and assist you in your search. There is a small fee, which also includes a hard copy of any documents you can find and a personal certificate.

New York Statue Of Liberty Pedestal, Ellis Island, And Pre Ferry Tour (attractions4us)

Study tip: You can also do the same survey online for free. But the site does not offer help and any documents must be printed on your own.

Although the islands may seem boring to children, I have found that the museum is actually much more interactive than most. Most shows are very visual.

In my travels I find it helpful to encourage children to pretend they are migrants passing through, imagine what it must be like for them to be

Statue Of Liberty And Ellis Island Immigration Museum Ferry Ticket

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