Land For Sale Jamestown Ri

Land For Sale Jamestown Ri – The Newport County town of Jamestown, Rhode Island offers world-class cruises and yachts, marine life and beautiful white sand beaches. Almost on Conanicut Island, Jamestown’s modern and historic waterfront district is filled with grand mansions on acres of oceanfront, as well as European-style brick homes, private gardens and condominiums with bay views. Dumplings is home to Victorian homes with spectacular views of Narragansett Bay and the Newport Bridge, but Jamestown Shores is a vibrant community with its own beach and community. Whether you want to sail from the shores of Mackerel Cove or Conanicut Pier, explore the beautiful surroundings of Beavertail State Park, or dine at Jamestown’s many delicious restaurants, this Rhode Island community is full of world-class attractions for visitors and locals alike. …

With a population of just over 5,800 in an area of ​​9.7 square miles, Jamestown has a quiet rural feel, lots of open space, and a unique community. This is not surprising since Jamestown owns a large portion of Rhode Island’s more than 400 miles of commercial buildings. Almost everyone has a front row seat to the sunset or sunrise over Narragansett Bay. A vibrant mix of modern and historic neighborhoods stretches the island from Conanicut Park on the northern tip to Beavertail Lighthouse, which guides boaters on its southern tip.

Land For Sale Jamestown Ri

Land For Sale Jamestown Ri

In the late 1800s, the northern end of the island was the center of the city, and now it is home to beautiful Victorian buildings. On the east side of the island by Newport Bridge, the village is now the heart of the village, and the tree-lined streets are home to the town hall and small businesses, as well as small gourmet restaurants, art galleries and clapboard or shingle shops. . – building system. You’ll find well-appointed yachts moored in the bay at East Ferry, a long wooden pier for walking and people-watching, and moorings for city tour boats for lunch or weekend breaks. The historic Bay View Hotel, one of the settlement’s five oldest hotels, still stands and retains its original appearance, now housing impressive suites. To the north of the village is another historic summer resort, Shoreby Hill. In the 1800s, the casino at the foot of the hill entertained, and now it is a beautiful place. Today, many Victorians and large room homes are cooled in the winter and become year-round homes with city water and sewer. The private roads at Shoreby Hill are maintained by two neighborhood organisations. A unique Jamestown property, Dumplings is typically a large Victorian summer home, many of which have been converted into year-round homes. The location is named for a cliff on the beach that looks like dumplings in a spectacular seafood chowder when viewed from the cliffs of Fort Wetherill State Park. Known locally as a model village, West Ferry is home to many ranches, homes and cottages. Next to the new Jamestown Bridge you’ll find Jamestown Shores, originally a summer weekend home community. Today it is a vibrant year-round community of small properties with its own beaches and associations.

Two Homes On East Shore Road In Jamestown Sell, Fetch $6.97 Million And $2.6 Million

Fort Wetherill’s 100-foot cliffs form a coastal barrier overlooking Mackerel Cove, the town’s beach house (good for small children) and a sheltered spot for an afternoon dip. It is also a great attraction for diving. Jamestown’s famous Beavertail State Park separates East and West Narragansett Bays. It has had lighthouses and beacons since at least 1705, and the current lighthouse was built in 1856. Attractions also include a lighthouse museum, hiking and biking trails, and many beautiful vacation spots. Seven more lighthouses can be seen from some parts of the island. The Beavertail area now has some of the largest homes on the island, with many land and ocean views as the land was washed into the bay. North of Beavertail is West Ferry, the old landing place that traveled from Saunderstown. It is famous for Sheffield Cove and its oysters, as well as the working boats of Holland Island Harbor and its many mussels. Newport is just a mile away over the Pell Bridge, built in the late 1960s. Islanders are excited about the new I-95 freeway, which makes traveling to Providence easier. T.F. Green Airport is just 20 minutes away and Boston is only an hour away. Along with its many open spaces, Jamestown offers small communities; clean roads and beautiful views; a great place to walk, bike and relax. Location, location, location! A rare opportunity to build on one of the vacant lots in Jamestown’s The Dumplings / Ocean Highlands neighborhood. This town on the southeast part of the island offers spectacular views of the entrance to Narragansett Bay, Castle Hill Lighthouse and the ocean beyond. Listen to the bells of Kettle Bottom Rock as you relax in this quiet town. Property frontage is on Ledge Road and Highland Drive. A site plan was drawn up with a road leading off Ledge Road and the building site designed to maximize views. Designed and approved 6 bedroom RI DEM OWTS (septic system). Wetlands have been marked and certified by the RI DEM Resources Division. The area has guaranteed access to a set of stairs to Mackerel Bay for a morning swim, paddleboard or kayak. Membership of the Dumplings Association also includes access to the pool at Dumpling Drive. Time to call your architect, mark the land and plan your dream home! Jamestown is the “Jewel of Narragansett Bay” and an island oasis, but it is sandwiched between the main island of North Kingstown to the west and the coastline of Newport, Middletown and Portsmouth to the east.

This 2.01 acre lot is located on Ledge Rd, Jamestown, RI 02835. The lot is currently available for sale with an asking price of $2,490,000. Listing data obtained from the State of Rhode Island MLS no. 1342580.

Copyright (C) 2023 State MLS of Rhode Island, Inc. All rights reserved. All information in the agent/seller listing is reliable but not guaranteed and should be independently verified. Jamestown is one of the last remaining open spaces in the Ocean Highlands, with views across Fort Wetherill State Park and beyond, to the bay and toward Fort Adams in Newport. The original subdivision dates back to the late 1880s and features a classically beautiful shingle-style home. The owner gains membership of the Dumpling Association, with a wonderful pool on Dumpling Drive, as well as the waters of Mackerel Bay, just a short walk away. Most of the land has not been cleared except for mature fences, large trees and other vegetation. Engineering has been completed and now the RI DEM has approved the 3 bedroom OWTS (septic design). Other engineers may allow a larger system depending on the building/site design. Now is the time to call your architect and designer and build your dream home in this beautiful location. Jamestown is the “Jewel of Narragansett Bay,” an island oasis, but with easy access to the mainland and Newport for easy access to Providence, Boston, and a train ride to New York.

This 2.35 acre property is located at 361 Highland Dr, Jamestown, RI 02835, latitude 41.4809 and longitude -71.3677. The property is currently listed for sale at $1,675,000. It has structure. Listing data obtained from the State of Rhode Island MLS no. 1346214.

Is Jamestown A Good Place To Live?

Copyright (C) 2023 State MLS of Rhode Island, Inc. All rights reserved. All information provided by the reviewer/seller is reliable but not guaranteed and should be independently verified.

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