Folding Bikes For Sale Near Me

Folding Bikes For Sale Near Me – Soul – that is the essence of life. It connects everyone on this planet and makes us uniquely human. To go and be human, that is your SEOUL. We created this bike to be your indispensable friend: a compact, affordable and light companion.

MIAMI Citizen Bikes are an elegant combination of practicality, performance and price – and cycling has never been so fun. This folding bike will take you wherever you need to go, whether for traveling, storage or just plain.

Folding Bikes For Sale Near Me

Folding Bikes For Sale Near Me

Forget underground – feel the breeze on the open road. We’ll ferry you home and back or take you around the city on a LONDON Citizen E-Bike.

Hot Sale Fsir Foldable Bike Hito X4 Foldable Lightest Folding Bike

Ready to hike? Do you like to see the world by bike and like to pack light? We created ROME – a fun, low-maintenance folding bike with an airplane-friendly roll bag.

TOKYO Citizen Bike is a small folding bike with wheels designed to be super portable, compactly packaged and convenient to fold. Exceptional value for commuters and travelers if you’re looking for the most compact folding size.

The BARCELONA Citizen Bicycle combines classic styling with luxurious design and high-end technology. The stunning result is a unique folding bike that is a joy to ride. It’s a folding bike to ride and be human.

Day or night, work or play, always available 24/7. Ready and fit to get you to work, home and everything in between, this 24″ 7 speed is a super utility machine.

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The global capital of style and a tailor-made functional package, the MILAN Citizen Bicycle.

We’re really proud of our little citizens and we’re sure you’ll agree – so right now in the continental US, shipping of all folding bicycles and electric folding bicycles is FREE OF CHARGE!

Get on the subway, get off the bus, and feel the breeze of traveling on the open road. We take you home and back or see you around town on our folding e-bikes. Check out the LONDON 20-inch folding e-bike for $1,299 or the LIL LONDON 16-inch 1-speed for $999.

Folding Bikes For Sale Near Me

We don’t require you to be a bike mechanic, so we get everything ready before folding and packing your bike. We dedicatedly install accessories and tune your bike to order at Citizen HQ. This saves you some $$$ and the hassle of having your bike set up at the shop.

The New Brompton Folding Bike Has 2.4

We only supply our bikes directly – no large dealers or unnecessary middlemen. Just straight from us to you. So our prices have no extra fluff. They represent our dedicated efforts to bring you the most outstanding value possible.

We’ve been supplying folding bikes directly for over 15 years – and we’re always innovating and listening. Our customers are our colleagues. Our designs represent the combined experience of our company and community to deliver the best bikes and accessories at unbelievable prices.

Have questions? Hello! Were here! It’s us! We are here to help. Want recommendations based on your commute or need help getting started on your journey and becoming human – give us a call.

We would hug you if we could. So instead we give you the ultimate gadget for your bike – socks. We love you so much. And here’s a virtual hug for good measure 🤗 Happy dance not included.

Single Speed Folding Bike

Citizen Bike is a lifestyle for riding and being human, a practical, affordable and fun mobility solution for your life. Our exciting range of folding bikes emphasizes value and style, focusing on innovative, affordable and stylish transportation. We’ve packed as much as we could into our bikes at a price point so everyone can experience the fun and convenience of a folding bike.

We are proud to celebrate more than eighteen years of helping people live and be human. Over the years, we have made adventures our companions and discovered new journeys right at home. We’re more proud than ever of our electric and folding bikes and are excited to share them with you. Thank you for the trip and we look forward to continuing our journey together.

Read the latest customer reviews about their Citizen® folding bike experiences. And please send us more of your stories about your folding cycling adventures from around the world or just around the house.

Folding Bikes For Sale Near Me

I got Tokyo about a month ago and I love it. It is of the best quality and easily transported in my two-seater sports car when folded. I received some of the accessories I ordered and they arrived three days after I ordered them online. One of the accessories is an indoor exercise machine that I will use during the snowy Michigan months. I also want to thank Pablo for being so helpful in answering my question about installing one of my bike bags. Everything is done well and it’s nice to be able to talk to a real person. Great business! Michael Wackerly

Best Bicycle Shops To Buy Foldable Bikes In Singapore For All Budgets

Bought a model in Miami brought it to Europe while I was studying abroad. Great for use around campus and city center in Salamanca, Spain. Joan-Manuel Mena

This bike is amazing. I drive a small car and wanted something I could ride in different cities and this was perfect. This technique is genius. It’s easy to assemble yourself right out of the box. I’m super excited!!! Like a child at Christmas. Michelle Chambers

I have a Miami Citizen bike. people stop me to ask me about it. It’s a really great bike. I bought one to invest in myself to help achieve my fitness goals. This is one of the best investments I have made in myself. Jean Mack

I just got a pearl Gotham 7. It looks much better in person than online. I am very impressed with the quality and packaging. Not a single mark on my bike :). I upgraded the gray and white seat and it matches the white frame very well. I was worried that the 20-inch tires would look funky and petite with the high seat and handlebars, but that’s not the case. Visually, the tires appear to be a good size. I’m 5’4 and weigh 140 pounds. Don’t think twice about buying this bike. It’s worth it. I live in Brooklyn, NY so this is a game changer for me, lol. Loli Miller

Sale Smallest Folding Bike Selling 16 Sepeda Shimano Foldable Bicycle

I bought my bike from Citizen about a year ago and I love it! Great people and very helpful. Their products are extremely well built and I love being able to travel with my bike without a rack! Great customer service! Lori Martini

Love my new resident Miami. The only problem is now my wife wants one 😀 Randy Shoemaker

I received my new bike yesterday. Gotham 24/7 comes fully assembled, just remove and open. Works great. Ed Moffett

Folding Bikes For Sale Near Me

If there was a better way to describe how much I love my bike I would use it LOL. I received my bike in May 2016 as a birthday gift from my fiancé. It has been my best friend ever since. I drive it practically everywhere and I always get stopped in stores and on the road when I drive it. I easily drive it at least 6-10 miles a day and I love it. I plan to have more adventures with my bike, it’s my best friend now LOL. Elena Rosa

Wisper 806 Folding Electric Bike

Just got my Miami. I love it so much, I just ordered 2 more! One for my husband and one for my son! Thank! Sue Thompson

I just completed nearly six miles on another great ride on my Citizen Tokyo. I have another bike but it hangs in the garage and is hard to get off and doesn’t fit in my car. Tokyo lives in a closet when not in use. It fits behind the back seat of my Mini Cooper. It received great reviews. I saw a man at the CicLAvia event with two little girls riding Citizen Tokyos. He says the bikes will grow with the girls. How special is that? Hoffman cricket

We bought my college student one for Christmas. He loves it! It was even better than expected and he loved the thoughtful socks that came with the bike. We are hooked! Kristen Penny

What if you never had to worry about apartments again? Meet the band Muffin. And meet a new level of driving freedom. Find out more.

Jetson Metro Folding Electric Bike For Sale

Skip the travel sized toothpaste, a travel sized bike is much more fun! Simply land, unfold and you’re ready for ROME.

The ROME is an ultra-light folding bike that fits in an airplane-friendly roll bag. This handy companion supports airless Muffin tires for gloriously carefree adventures.

— “I hadn’t even ridden my bike around the block when a stranger stopped me to ask about it.”

Folding Bikes For Sale Near Me

Because we only supply bikes direct, we can pass all the savings on to you. But we can also do things differently. Unlike what you would expect when buying a bike online, we are the complete opposite. We don’t put a label on the box and throw it away

Gotham7 Citizen Bike 20

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