Flat Pack For Plate Carrier

Flat Pack For Plate Carrier – I made a quick visit to HSP’s batcave in the Phoenix area last fall. Travis Haley showed me some cool projects, including the new FlatPack prototype. I am very happy to see it on the market.

The D3 FlatPack is designed with a unique expandable gusset system, which allows it to expand from a nearly flat profile to 600 cubic inches when fully expanded.

Flat Pack For Plate Carrier

Flat Pack For Plate Carrier

In its compressed state, the FlatPack has storage space in the main compartment for a 1 liter hydration bladder and small items like batteries, energy gels and chemical lights in a dedicated management compartment. When expanded, the main compartment can hold a D3CR, helmet or jacket, and the admin room can hold electronics and/or small binoculars.

Skeletac Plate Carrier

The FlatPack fully integrates with the D3CR or D3CR-H, with the packing cable replacing the H-harness. This combination results in a lightweight combat, patrol, or EDC/worst-case scenario platform. FlatPack is also compatible with PALS-based systems, including plate carriers, assault vests, or other packages with external PALS webbing.

Designed with the SOF end user in mind, the FlatPack is also ideal as a compact carry bag for civilians. The padded interior compartment comfortably and securely stores consumer electronics, including general-purpose tablets and laptops up to 8″ x 12″, and can also hold items such as books and cameras digital.

This entry was posted on Friday May 22, 2015 at 12:01 am and filed under Packs. You can follow responses to this entry via the RSS 2.0 feed. Comments and pings are now disabled. Development began in 2019, born from the idea that the small package used on the back of the plate carrier should be able to enter on its own without disturbing teammates for help and should be versatile for a variety of tasks. and mission. Three years later, we made the series a reality.

Our One Day Assault Pack is designed to attach directly to a plate carrier or trunk, which will hold mission-critical equipment at range. Yes

Nieuwe Plate Carrier Flat Pack In Mc.

Can also be used in a backpack as an E&E bag, dedicated medical bag, radio kit and other possibilities. Yes

Featuring one main compartment with a full length ‘clamshell’ zipper to accommodate the complete bag with Velcro loops on both sides for medical or organizational attachment. There is also a flat pocket for a water bladder which can be added as a tool sheath with an additional Tegris tool sheath. On the front are two general-purpose pockets for tools, magazines and other items. The top has a Velcro identification field. Both feature Velcro Loop lines for organizational items and both have attachment points for sensitive (or just plain expensive) gear. rating

There are two rows of MOLLE to add additional pouches if needed, as well as two compression straps that can be removed if not needed.

Flat Pack For Plate Carrier

Pack Straps are our unique answer to how to attach a pack to a plate carrier and allow it to quickly adapt to a “stand-alone” setup. We took inspiration from the standard two point harness system that seems to be present on every harness on the market and decided that a shorter, wider version would make the perfect harness that can be folded down to a very short length for use on the Plate Carrier and quickly doubled in length. For “standalone” settings. Next, we use closed-cell foam sheets wrapped with strong elastic to hold the cables and their hardware neatly and tightly.

Plate Carrier Accessories

Comes with a mounting kit that will allow it to work with most mounts on the market. As long as there is vertical or MOLLE webbing in the front pocket and MOLLE or webbing loops on the belt or placard.

I received my PCP a few weeks ago and have been doing a daily pack ever since. So far, after a few days of training, the first impression is very good. The functionality is top-notch, the buckles are sturdy and well-designed, and I particularly like the male buckle adapter for MOLLE. Allows me to use my MOLLE mount for my PTT and tube retainer, something my old band didn’t allow me to do.

My only “criticism” is that I wish there were more patterns, or that the straps could be sold separately with a different pattern (just because I want to match my wooden shoulder pads, haha).

This would be niche, but I run my PCP with one side “locked” and the other “open”. The locked side is my right side, which I never unbuckle unless I’m carrying a bag, and the open side is the side I usually unbuckle when putting the plate carrier on and off.

Haley Strategic Flatpack Plus (color: Multicam), Tactical Gear/apparel, Bags, Backpacks

I noticed that on the side with this trim, the strap tends to slip off the shoulder pads and into my neck from time to time, which is just uncomfortable. Some sort of temporary solution to keep it fixed on the scapula would be nice, although I’m not sure how that would work.

Overall, the pack is amazing. The best I’ve used so far, that’s for sure. Almost like Eagle MAP if it was updated and improved. Keep up the good work!!

I have three now, one from the first production with MOLLE inside, and two from the new design, without. I really like the most recent ones.

Flat Pack For Plate Carrier

That being said, there is currently no better attack kit on the market. I use one as a work bag to carry tools and work materials; One is a regular assault kit with breaching tools, magazines, etc. ; And the third one I use as a sort of extra for my Nixieworks LFR. They all have incredibly high build quality and I haven’t had any issues with them.

Spitfire Mk Ii Backpack Panel®

As a reminder, I don’t know if this is a happy accident or deliberate design, but four Pelican 1050 suitcases can fit into the main compartment if you draw small bars on both sides. DJI Mini SE or Mini 2 and controller will fit both. Many stuff sacks on the market also stack well inside, like Velocity’s NVG Padded Bag.

PCP is a good package for the money. The reason I chose 4 stars is because in the YouTube list of package features, the laser cut PALS inside is shown. In the image on the purchase page, this feature is not shown. I don’t know if the YouTube video is a prototype or a final production, I ordered the kit. Unfortunately, the PALS laser is not included in the production package. If this is the feature you are looking for, it is not included. My advice is to buy a PALS velcro panel if you want PALS inside.

Hey, thanks for your review! We apologize for the difference between the Youtube video and the product. We need to update this video and update the product page, but again, we apologize. We will send you an email soon!

I liked it more than the Daypack version and other popular competing packages I’ve used in the past. Adapts perfectly to the JPC 2.0 and holds up well after a month of use. [“Black”], “price”: 18000, “weight”: 694, “compare_at_price”: null, “inventory_quantity”: 1, “inventory_management”: “shopify”, “inventory_policy”: “reject”, “barcode”: “858183006537”, “featured_media”: }, “requires_writing_plan”:false, “selling_plan_allocations”:[], “quantity_rule”:}, , “available”:false, “name”:Haley Strategic D3 Flatpack Assault Pack – Coyote Brown ” , “public_title”:”Coyote Brown”, “options”:[“Coyote Brown”], “price”:18000, “weight”:694, “compare_at_price”:null, “inventory_quantity”:0, “inventory_management”: ” shopify”, “inventory_policy”: “rejected”, “barcode”:”858183006513″, “featured_media”:}, “requires_writing_plan”:false, “sell_plan_allocations”:[], “quantity_rule”: , “available”:true, ” name”:”Haley Strategic D3 Flatpack PLUS Assault Pack – Multicam”, “public_title”:”Multicam”, “options”:[“Multicam”], “price”:18000, “weight”:694, “compare_at_price”: null , “inventory_quantity”: 4, “inventory_management”: “shopify”, “inventory_policy”: “reject”, “barcode”: “858183006544”, “featured_media”:}, “requires_false”: Selling_plan , ” Selling_plan_allocations”:[] , “quantity_rule”:}, , “available”:true, “name”:Haley Strategic D3 Flatpack PLUS Assault Pack – Ranger Green”, “public_title”:”Ranger Green”, “options”:[“Ranger Green”] , ” price”:18000, “weight”:694, “compare_at_price”:null, “inventory_quantity”:3, “inventory_management”:”shopify”, “inventory_policy”:”reject”, “barcode” “:”858183006520”, “featured_media “:}, “requires_writing_plan “:false, “selling_plan_allocations”:[], “quantity_rule”:

The Haley Flatpack And Why I Think It’s Bad

FlatPack Plus bridges the gap between small attack packs and full-size day packs. The unique zippered expansion system allows the FlatPack Plus to transform from nearly flat when compressed to 150% more storage volume when fully expanded.

FlatPack Plus offers a slightly larger capacity than FlatPack. The main zippered compartment has a fully open design for quick access and visual identification of essential gear. The interior of the main compartment uses a VELCRO® branded loop on the front and back to secure FlatPack accessories (sold separately), including Small Clear Pouches, Large Clear Pouches, Garment Pouches and others mounting accessories (single micro-utility, double micro-utility, Double Mag Wedge, Holster Wedge, etc.). The main zippered compartment also features a zippered hydration/armor compartment designed for carrying FlatPack Plus Level IIIA armor inserts (Hard Armor and Soft Armor sold separately) as well as a 1-liter hydration bladder that uses communication/hydration ports. The front of the FlatPack Plus includes a VELCRO® branded loop for badges/IDs/patches.

A second full-depth zipped compartment is located in front of the main one.

Flat Pack For Plate Carrier

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