Best Places To Stay In San Diego Gaslamp

Best Places To Stay In San Diego Gaslamp – History of San Diego’s Gaslamp District Learn more about the fascinating history of our Gaslamp District hotel in San Diego.

The history of one of the most legendary hotels in San Diego’s Gaslamp District is as fascinating as the history of the city itself. Steeped in history, the Grand Horton Hotel is a renovation of two separate historic hotels: the Grand Horton Hotel and the Brooklyn-Kahle Saddlery Hotel.

Best Places To Stay In San Diego Gaslamp

Best Places To Stay In San Diego Gaslamp

Both hotels were built in the mid-1880s and were originally located on the site of the current Horton Plaza shopping center.

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The savvy business traveler will always keep an eye on the bottom line. And accommodations can open your eyes more than most travel expenses. But prices for large hotels differ little. And where does it say that a traveling salesman should observe the results of an antiseptic single room in one of the interchangeable chain hotels that dominate most major cities? Nowhere.

In San Diego, the best downtown hotel these days is the unique new independent Horton Grand, which is reminiscent of the good old San Diego hotels of yesteryear.

The newest, The Horton Grand, located on the edge of San Diego’s historic Gaslamp district, is actually San Diego’s oldest hotel. And perhaps the best.

Opened in 1886, the Grand Horton Hotel was an elegant, ornate Italian Victorian built by German immigrant Peter Mayerhofer in a desire to emulate the Hotel Innsbruck in Austria.

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The hotel was one of 300 structures built during the boom of the 1880s to accommodate the influx of people into the small coastal town of 5,000 people. After the first transcontinental railroad arrived in San Diego, more than 26,000 visitors flocked to the city. 1885.

In 1886, at the age of 38, famed lawyer Wyatt Earp arrived in San Diego at the urging of his brother Virgil to investigate reports of a real estate boom in the so-called “sunset sea country.”

Although he has been both celebrated and reviled for his role in taming the West, most notably through his involvement in the infamous shootout at the O.C. Corrale, Earp was actually a traveling adventurer and opportunist who spent most of his life wandering from boom to boom. city.

Best Places To Stay In San Diego Gaslamp

The Brooklyn Hotel, a less formal building informally called a cowboy-Victorian design, opened in 1887. Originally called the Brooklyn Hotel, it was later nicknamed the Brooklyn-Khale Saddlery after the famous saddle and harness shop that occupied the hotel grounds. floor in 1912 and for the next 66 years.

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Khale Saddlery has handcrafted saddles and tack for celebrities such as Tom Mix and Roy Rogers, as well as countless other movie and rodeo stars. Head into the lobby and say hello to Sunshine.

In 1891, the Chamber of Commerce rented space on the first floor of Grand Horton and became a center for community activities. The Natural History Society used the Grand Horton to display its collections, and prominent figures stayed at the hotel during those years, including President Benjamin Harrison and King Kalakaua of Hawaii.

Prominent San Diegan, Colonel Ed Fletcher, lived in a hotel room in the 1890s. Fletcher later developed areas in the East County San Diego area, including Helix Mountain, and was responsible for designing the city plan of Del Mar. Fletcher Hills and Fletcher Parkway bear his name.

Less than a month later, on December 6, 1912, after the dust had settled from the Great Raid, a wrecking ball leveled much of Stingaree County, and the area gradually became known as Chinatown, where Chinese immigrants made up about three percent of the local population. Population. the population gets jobs as cooks, laborers, laundresses, fishermen, housekeepers, merchants, clerks and doctors.

Good Times Light The Nights In San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter

The Chinese Guest House stood on the corner of 3rd and Island streets, and Ah Quin, the unofficial mayor of Chinatown, lived in a nearby building south of the Horton Grand Hotel on 3rd Street.

The big raid was finally scheduled for November 11, 1912. At 6am on Sunday, police intervened and 138 women were arrested and all the men caught in the raid were released. The mayor offered women the opportunity to leave the profession by taking a city government job or accepting a one-way train ticket to Los Angeles.

They say that only two ladies accepted his offer – one worked on the city switchboard. There is a vignette dedicated to this woman in the north elevator of the Horton Grand Hotel.

Best Places To Stay In San Diego Gaslamp

After the dust from the Great Raid settled, less than a month later, on December 6, 1912, a wrecking ball leveled much of Stingaree County, and the area gradually became known as Chinatown.

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In the late 1970s, two of the few remaining historic buildings, the Grand Horton Hotel and the Khale Saddlery Hotel, were slated for demolition to make way for the Horton Plaza shopping center development project.

But thanks to the vision of a local developer named Dan Pierson, and after a comprehensive effort to save the two buildings by local preservationists and the San Diego-based organization Save Our Heritage, the buildings escaped destruction.

Pearson joined the intense campaign to save the building, which at the time had become an underwater home. But the city council voted to demolish it.

Pearson and architect Wayne Donaldson began by consulting with two octogenarian carpenters who understood how these old buildings were built together (with beach sand between the bricks instead of mortar, for example). Over time, Pearson purchased the abandoned hotel for $1 and traded the redwood infrastructure for the labor needed to demolish the property. He found the best location for its revival—on the edge of the Gaslamp District, just two blocks from Horton Plaza. After five months of effort, the proud old 10,000-piece Horton Grand was in storage, every part numbered and catalogued.

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Because the stone buildings were not reinforced and had no internal support, they could not be lifted and moved. More than 40 tons of materials and artifacts were salvaged. The original bay windows, railings, iron railings, doors and jambs, external Victorian trim and 82,000 bricks were retained.

In late 1982, Pearson learned that the Salvation Army, which owned the Khale Saddlery Hotel, was also demolishing it to make way for a parking lot. The idea arose to take the second building and build them next to each other, so that they would then be connected by a courtyard and an atrium.

Sixteen Pennies Construction Company carefully disassembled these parts to ensure an accurate restoration. The most time-consuming restoration task was the Horton Grand oak staircase, which cost $200,000 and was the most expensive artifact to restore.

Best Places To Stay In San Diego Gaslamp

This was a work of whimsical recreation, not restoration. Hardline preservationists outside San Diego frowned, and the project was denied tax breaks for listing on the Federal Register of Historic Places. But $12 million later—in 1986, on the 100th anniversary of both of its ancestors—the Horton Grand reopened in more sophisticated style than ever.

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In a previous life, he was a San Diego financier addicted to the 100-hour work week. He made and then lost millions of dollars feeding livestock. But in 1978, Dan Pearson was sitting in a Hindu monastery. He stayed there for eighteen months, meditating alone in a room and resting for the next stage of his life.

One day he was meditating and suddenly he walked down the street, around the corner and saw a house. The next day he walked down another street and around the corner – the same house. This happened every day for about a week. Pearson thought it was somewhere in San Diego and he wanted to go there. After two weeks, he left the monastery and returned to San Diego.

He returned to his car, not knowing exactly where he was going, and found himself in a seedy warehouse district on the outskirts of the city center, in front of the run-down Grand Pacific Hotel. The stranger said to him: “It’s a nice old hotel, isn’t it?” Pearson agreed. The stranger told him about the preservation movement that was revitalizing downtown, about plans to transform the bayou into the Gaslamp Historic District, with shops, restaurants and galleries near Horton Plaza, the Esther-cum-Disney shopping center that began the revitalization of downtown. Pearson was intrigued. He returned to his friend’s house and turned on the TV for the first time in a year and a half; there was a story on the news about the same hotel, the Grand Pacific.

If Dan Pearson learned anything at the monastery, it was to follow his instincts and listen for those signs that sometimes seemed to whisper, “Come this way, please.” And so he did.

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The result is a strikingly elegant and stylish confection that stands at San Diego’s Horton Grand Hotel as a showcase for the Romantic Revival.

The Grand Horton Hotel now looks elegant.

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