Bristol Cars For Sale Uk

Bristol Cars For Sale Uk – Bristol Cars, the post-war company famous for its high-speed and luxury passenger cars but which went bankrupt last year, will be revived by a British businessman.

Jason Wharton, an Essex-based property developer and Bristol enthusiast, wants to quickly revive traditional car manufacturing in Bristol and build a millinery-style division around it. new business to sell, recondition and support Bristol models of all ages. If all goes according to plan, the new group’s headquarters will be located close to the company’s original headquarters in Filton, on the outskirts of Bristol.

Bristol Cars For Sale Uk

Bristol Cars For Sale Uk

Wharton’s idea is to release “remastered” versions of the two-seat Fighter and four-seat 411 in 2022, before launching the all-new Buccaneer (returning the name the previous owner used for the model recently died) around the middle of the decade.

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“Our new car will be a four-seater, very reminiscent of traditional Bristol style, but will make extensive use of modern technology and materials,” said Wharton.

Wharton recently completed the purchase of the intellectual property necessary to begin creating improved versions of existing designs, along with a collection of useful equipment such as landing gear tools and body parts.

He hopes to gain access to the Bristol archive, which is currently for sale, although he believes it would be better if it were owned and managed by the Bristol Owners’ Heritage Trust.

The reworked Fighter and 411 models will be produced by hand in batches of eight. If necessary, they will be completely redesigned – for example, the old-style live rear axle of the 411 will be replaced by an independent rear suspension.

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Both will be equipped with a version of Chrysler’s 6.4-liter Hemi V8 gasoline engine, combined with an 8-speed automatic transmission. Bristol has a long relationship with Chrysler, primarily using V8 engines, although the original Fighter had an 8.0-liter Dodge V10.

Wharton says it is about to appoint an engineering director (“someone with experience in small-scale OEM manufacturing”), whose first major task will be to build and develop prototypes of each reworked model. , ready to launch later this year. 2021.

The latest 411 will be called the Series 8. The model reached Series 6 when production ceased in 2011, but Wharton believes the two-model transition will best reflect the car’s level of modernization .

Bristol Cars For Sale Uk

Rumors of Bristol’s revival plans reached a number of owners and enthusiasts, and as a result Wharton began collecting “expressions of interest” even before potential owners knew much about price or specifications.

Used Cars For Sale In Bristol

Once the first phase of production is complete, Wharton said it will “take some time” to determine the specifications of the new Buccaneer, although it’s likely it will be some combination of powertrains Chrysler, a tradition in Bristol dating back to ancient times. the 1960s.

The new design will focus primarily on the crash safety, chassis, clean air equipment and electronics package of the relevant donor car, similar to the Ford-based ‘bring back Bristol’ proposal Mustang.

However, the new model’s bespoke design, exclusivity and hand-assembly could push its price above the suggested £295,000.

Wharton said it is “comfortable” about the impact of the UK government’s plan to ban sales of new ICE vehicles for nine years – both because potential customers have signaled huge interest in V8 engines so far and because they believed that the right sponsor for the V8 would be the V8 engine supplier. Hybrid and electric car solutions will appear conveniently before the ban is announced.

The Bristol Fighter: One Of The Greatest Cars You’ve Never Heard Of

In his view, the urgent task now is to preserve Bristol’s unique heritage, which began as a separate part of the vibrant post-war aerospace industry, and “do what we can to maintain this country’s truly great tradition of humility.” mass production”.

Newsletter Get all the best car news, reviews and opinion straight to your inbox three times a week. You can unsubscribe via any email we send. Further details can be found in our full privacy policy. The AC Greyhound was introduced at the 1959 London Motor Show. It was the second coupe based on the Ace Roadster, but with 2+2 seating. Like the Aceca, the Greyhound’s extremely seductive and attractive body was made of hand-formed aluminum on a tubular steel frame, while the chassis is made of longer steel. – Tubular steel shaft is made more sturdy. A notable difference for the Aceca is the downward-opening trunk lid, which replaces the actual Aceca hatchback, although this new solution has the advantage of allowing oversized luggage to be carried with the trunk open. The result is a well-designed, light, well-equipped and extremely handsome GT car in the best AC tradition, offering more space for rear passengers than many 2+2 rivals. Most of the 84 Greyhounds produced left the Thames Ditton factory with six-cylinder Bristol engines installed. This accelerated the car from a standstill to 60 mph in just over 11 seconds and to a top speed of 180 mph.

The AC-powered Bristol Greyhound offered here is a 1961 model finished in Princess Blue with a red leather interior.

Bristol Cars For Sale Uk

BEF 2544 (chassis number) was first registered as 975CLM to Tarpen Engineering Co Ltd in South West London on 8 June 1961. After passing through five documented owners, the car was purchased by current owner, an air conditioning fan enthusiast, in 2018. The car has subsequently been driven and serviced regularly to the highest possible standard, with final work carried out by IN Racing .

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Provided with an extensive history file including current V5 registration documents, previous MOTs, various invoices and other relevant documents.

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