Japanese Import Cars For Sale In Uk

Japanese Import Cars For Sale In Uk – It is becoming increasingly difficult for regular car collectors in the UK and US to find a straight, rust-free and collectable Mercedes. For classic Mercedes in good condition, they have risen in price by a remarkable amount. A few cars worth mentioning are the W124 500e, W201 190e Cosworth and R107 SL that have doubled in price over the last 5 or so years.

The benefits seem to hold true for a classic Mercedes car, which is likely to be rust-free and of high quality. Not only that, you’ll have the peace of mind that the car will be in top condition with a strict MOT and records throughout. The main reason people like to import cars from Japan is because of the low mileage and cheapness compared to British models.

Japanese Import Cars For Sale In Uk

Japanese Import Cars For Sale In Uk

Of course, there will be restrictions on importing from Japan, everything can’t be good. There is no road salt in Japan, which means you don’t have to worry too much about seal bottoms and general protection on the ground. This will mean that you will not be protected from road salt when driving in the UK unless treated. Important things may need replacing, such as the speedometer, headlights and radio, as the factory original may require a signal booster to pick up UK radio stations.

The Kei Cars From Japan Resist Death

The two main reasons people worry about importing cars from Japan have to do with insurance and service history. Some UK insurers will increase premiums significantly while others will not, so it’s worth getting a quote before proceeding. I would recommend Adrian Flux from Similar Car Import Insurance. The main concern may be the documentation and service history as they will be in Japanese and it can be difficult to understand what has been done to your new purchase.

When it comes to Mercedes Benz, importing a Japanese Mercedes might be the best thing you do. For example, compare the wheel arches of a 1990 W124 in the UK with a W124 in Japan, the Japanese car will be basically new with zero rust. Not only this, if you look at the Japanese models, they have higher dimensions, additional wood trim and are generally in better condition inside and out. If you can protect the underside of the car before driving it on UK roads and get good insurance quotes, importing from Japan can be a very good investment.

Co-Founder and Director of Mercedes Enthusiasts. Current Mercedes: W124 300CE AMG, R129 30024V SL, W210 E55 AMG & W210 E320 CDI. Kei (pronounced kay) cars are a type/class of cars unique to Japan. They account for about 30% of the Japanese car market. They are small cars with low ownership and operating costs. As we’ll see later, that doesn’t necessarily make them cheap, especially on the used car market.

This will be a description of kei cars as they exist today and recently. I will not cover their story from the beginning.

Best Japanese Cars From The Fast & Furious Franchise

If you were to write down the pronunciation of the Japanese words for these cars, you would end up with something like this

This means “light car”. So now you know where ‘kei’ comes from.

There are a large number of vehicles that fall under the kei class, from 2-seater convertibles, sporty hatchbacks to family boxes, cars and trucks.

Japanese Import Cars For Sale In Uk

One way to identify a K car is by using the color yellow on the license plate. Private Kei cars are black on yellow and commercial Kei cars are yellow on black.

Best Japanese Kei Cars

Suzuki, Honda, Mitsubishi and Daihatsu make kei cars. Some of the other major Japanese car companies (Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, Subaru) sell kei cars made by these 4 manufacturers.

In comparison, the Smart ForTwo measures 2.7m long x 1.75m wide x 1.54m high. The dimensions of the latest Toyota Aygo are 3.46 L x 1.62 W x 1.46 H.

It’s interesting (to me at least) that both of these cars would go beyond the kei specifications in their widths.

Kei cars are limited to a 660cc engine. This has been the case since 1990, the minimum standards used until then.

The Car Warehouse

The motorcyclists among you may scoff at this small 660cc powerplant. The 2009 Yamaha YZF-R6 makes more than double the 600cc engine, but I think it can struggle with 2 things: torque and fuel economy.

Cheaper compared to the prices we’ve seen over the past few years). The lower running costs offered by Kei cars, especially thanks to better fuel efficiency, are attractive. I’ve seen official fuel consumption figures of 60-70 mpg for modern kei cars. Unfortunately, I have yet to have any real-world experience with actual fuel usage to be had. I would love to hear from you if you do.

Of course, you can get a hybrid version of a regular car to improve running costs. I can’t get excited about hybrid cars and would rather try a Kei car if my first priority was to keep running costs down. I know that this will not be the right choice for some people.

Japanese Import Cars For Sale In Uk

“You’d be safer on your motorcycle.” This is a genuine comment I received from someone close to me when I expressed my interest in owning a Kei car. I don’t agree, but I see what they’re getting at.

What You Need To Know To Import Cars From Japan To Uk

Japanese cars undergo the same safety tests as cars sold in the UK. I will write a separate post with more details on this and update this post with a link when I do. While researching this post, I discovered that some kei cars have done well in crash tests, scoring with larger cars. However, these tests are performed at low speeds (30-40 mph). I don’t think kei cars will compare well to supercars in high speed crashes.

What is this thing? In our congested cities and towns the average speed is certainly going down, so most accidents will be low speed? On the other hand, our speed limits on dual carriageways and roads are higher than in Japan, and I don’t think we’ve reached Tokyo traffic levels yet (although I imagine London comes close at times). Consequently, Kei cars driven in the UK will likely spend most of their time traveling at higher speeds than they were intended/designed for Japan. I will admit that a high speed crash in a kei car can cause more serious injuries than a large car.

Parking seems to be getting smaller (or our cars are getting bigger) and harder to find. Such small cars are easy to park in small spaces.

Some of these cars are really cool, aren’t they? This is a definite plus in my book. It’s a joy for me to own a car that is different, unusual and dare I say it

Low Mileage Japanese Import Specialist

At the beginning of this post I said that kei machines were very unique to Japan. “Quite a lot” as some kei cars have been resold through official channels in the UK. Examples of this are Suzuki Cappuchino, Daihatsu Move and Daihatsu Copen.

Many more are now available through imports from Japan. However, just because it’s very small doesn’t mean it’s very cheap. Their values ​​in the Japanese second-hand market can be very high in some cases. By this I mean comparable and sometimes higher than larger cars of the same age, condition and mileage. I think the payoff for the higher acquisition cost is the lower operating costs.

I’d love to know what you think about kei cars. Would you like to buy one or just not interested in it? What car would you like to buy? We’ve taken a look at some of the current models available in Japan to pick the coolest, weirdest and smartest cars. If you’re disappointed that these cars aren’t officially sold in the UK, don’t be. most can be imported and they are all right hand drive.

Japanese Import Cars For Sale In Uk

Japan’s car tax favors cars under certain dimensions with engines no larger than 660cc and no more than 64 horsepower. Cars built to these specifications are known as kei (or light) cars, but just because they’re small doesn’t mean they’re light. The Suzuki Alto Works is a perfect example.

Import Scheme (uk)

It may be powered by a 660cc three-cylinder petrol engine, but it’s turbocharged to improve response, with power sent to all four wheels. The transmission is either a CVT automatic or a five-speed manual. Being so light, the Alto Works is fast and energetic; perfect for Britain’s tight, narrow and winding roads. Too bad it’s not available in the UK.

Kei cars can be no more than 3.4m, no more than 1.48m and no more than 2m, so a Japanese car

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