House For Sale Uluwatu

House For Sale Uluwatu – A luxurious beach house awaits you somewhere in Bali, where the water meets the sky. Located in Seseh, adjacent to Canggu, built on a 750m2 plot and overlooking the picturesque blue backdrop of the ocean, Villa Sukha is your dream beach house.

This newly built gem has recently been added to our list of Bali villas for sale and we are delighted to bring you all the details of this villa.

House For Sale Uluwatu

House For Sale Uluwatu

This magnificent villa is the creative vision of owners Maurits and Manon. Both Maurits and Manon are experienced artists and creatives in their fields, which helped them divide the tasks when it came to creating their home. Focusing on architecture, overall design, and wall and floor finishes, Maurits is a creative genius who doesn’t stop until the design fits how he conceptualizes it. While Manon is an equally passionate interior designer, decorator and incredible stylist, her refined taste takes the concept to a whole new level. Together they are irresistible! Their attention to detail, impeccable sensitivity and attention to detail make this home second to none. This is a masterpiece.

Uluwatu, Bukit South, Badung, Ba, Indonesia

When we walked in for the first time, we instantly fell in love. The entrance has these beautiful details and the door frames are carved in a soaked wood color. Go a little further and you will see a semi-circular space leading to the entrance of the house.

When those big wooden doors were opened, we were immediately greeted with a cool sea breeze and a panoramic view of the sea. Villa Sukha has an all-white interior and the furniture and decorations around the house are mostly neutral colors.

The floors of this villa are unique. Maurits creates each floor to perfection. It is truly unique. It is colored limestone, made from a mixture of marble powder, high quality cement and color pigments. It looks like stone, but it’s so soft that you walk barefoot. Limestone-style wall decorations are also a creation of the Palm Natural Finishes brand.

It’s hard to find nice villas with multiple bedrooms in Bali, but this one has six!

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Most beautiful villas in Bali have 2 to 5 bedrooms, but this villa has 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms! If you have a large family or are planning to have children or even want an extra bedroom for guests, then Villa Sukha is ideal for you. The guest bedroom is located on the right side of the house, with tall glass windows that surround the bedroom offering pool and ocean views, guaranteeing that all guests will want to stay longer than planned.

On the first floor there is an office room, an open kitchen and a living room for welcoming guests. There is a sunken living room next to the pool, perfect for relaxing and watching the sunset with loved ones.

There are 5 bedrooms on the second floor. The master bedroom is to die for! With your bed facing the ocean, you can imagine waking up to the sound of waves crashing on the shore. Isn’t that amazing?

House For Sale Uluwatu

In the middle of the 2 children’s bedrooms, there is an adjoining toilet with 2 showers and 2 sinks. The other 2 bedrooms are each on two floors. The lower part is where they can read and play, and there is a ladder to reach the upper part for sleeping.

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This detached villa in Bali has a living room with a built-in TV. This area has to be one of our favorites in this house. We can just imagine sitting on a comfy couch surrounded by fluffy pillows with a bowl of popcorn in hand. Movie nights here will be a lot of fun!

Villa Sukha was built in 2022, so everything is new and in perfect condition. This villa in Bali is currently listed

, and we can safely say that many people are looking at this property. In fact, the word “beautiful” has no right at all. It’s incredibly beautiful. We had so much fun in this house!

One of the best things about beautiful villas in Bali is that they offer ultimate privacy and comfortable luxury. The ambiance and atmosphere that surrounds this home is incredibly soothing. The natural sounds of the waves, the birds chirping outside, the swaying tall palm trees, the view of the green rice fields…well, we could go on.

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Take a second and imagine living in this home, waking up every morning to a view of Mother Nature and the calm waters of the ocean, ending the day watching the most beautiful sunset on the beach, and never having to worry. busy streets or noise outside the house because this house is your private and peaceful haven. Could this be your new home?

Architecture and design: Maurits Simonette Interior design, decor and styling: Manon Simonette Photography: Sheila Man Daily styling: Somewhere Concepts Floors: Temple stones Wall finishes: Palm natural finishes. Upholstered furniture: Bi Home Shop

If you would like to inquire about Villa Sukha, please fill out the form below and write Villa Sukha in the subject line.

House For Sale Uluwatu

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Viva La Villa Uluwatu Bali, Indonesia

We are creators of interior and lifestyle images. Through our media channels, we help businesses reach millions of people around the world. This beautiful Moroccan villa for sale in Bali is a freehold villa. It is located in a quiet residential area surrounded by other villas, with an open view of the ocean. Uluwatu Peninsula is known for its beautiful weather and wide variety of foreign restaurants and hidden beaches such as Nyang-Nyang Beach. In addition, the villa is only 10 minutes from Padang-Padang Beach and only 10 minutes from Jl. Bypassing Ngurah Rai, make this a great place to stay in Uluwatu, Bali.

The size of the land is 3 ares (300 m2), but the excellent distribution of the building allows 550 m2 of living space. This is an empty villa. It is located 3 km from Melasti Beach and 8 km from Padang-Padang Beach. Ngurah Rai International Airport is 15 km from the property.

This villa has a very open and spacious design, with an open concept living room, dining room and kitchen/bar. Five air-conditioned king-size bedrooms with large wardrobes offer views of the pool, green surroundings and the Indian Ocean. Each bathroom is equipped with walk-in showers, some with bathtubs, and is decorated in a unique Moorish style. Plus, the spacious one-bedroom loft on the top floor offers pool and ocean views. The pool and lush surroundings mixed with an open spacious kitchen, bar and lounge provide a sense of Mediterranean style and class that is hard to find in Bali.

This Moroccan villa for sale in Bali is a unique design opportunity. For those who love Mediterranean and Moorish style decor and distribution, this is the perfect villa. Immerse yourself in another part of the world while still in Bali. Get ready for these new luxury villas in Uluwatu! Designed to provide unparalleled levels of home comfort, these 3-bedroom retreats are the perfect fit for your luxury Bali lifestyle.

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What it’s like to walk and see Solas Uluwatu with our virtual tour. Guests have plenty of space to relax, play and work. Click on our virtual tour highlights to explore the different rooms and areas.

Own a luxury villa in one of Bali’s most popular locations. These villas are an excellent investment with high nightly rates and impressive occupancy.

Choose your ideal property. Find the perfect unit from our premium collection that matches your vision and investment goals.

House For Sale Uluwatu

No matter where you are in your Bali real estate journey, our team is here to help! Don’t hesitate to get in touch and find out how you can make your dream come true.

This Villa In Seseh Is Your Dream Come True

Solas Uluwatu is designed so that each villa is a private oasis. This two-story villa has a boho-themed interior in a tropical Mediterranean style.

From the three charming bedrooms and open-plan living to the inviting pool and lush garden, everything has been thoughtfully designed to provide comfort and style.

Another highlight is undoubtedly the rooftop area with its beautiful wooden pergola and bench, which provides the perfect place to enjoy the stunning views of Uluwatu Hill and the ocean.

Located at the southern tip of Bali, Uluwatu beckons as a magical seaside retreat. Its breathtaking coastline kisses the vast Indian Ocean, includes pristine sandy beaches and luxurious hillside villas, and attracts a vibrant expat community.

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This piece of paradise is known for its world-class surf breaks, such as the famous Padang-Padang Beach. Popular beach clubs such as Savaya Bali Beach Club and Ulu Cliffhouse add to the appeal, making Uluwatu a magnet for tourists and long-term residents.

In this amazing place, you will find plenty of beach bars, beach and hill activities and much more to keep you entertained. Located in the heart of this vibrant atmosphere, investing in Uluwatu promises attractive returns enhanced by its growth.

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