Best Pizza In Schenectady New York

Best Pizza In Schenectady New York – Americans really love pizza. Usually in every city in America there is a popular pizzeria that attracts a lot of people.

So who has the best pizza in our country? Two upstate New York eateries recently compiled a list of the 101 best pizzas in America compiled by The Daily Meal.

Best Pizza In Schenectady New York

Best Pizza In Schenectady New York

Perreca’s Bakery in Schenectady ranked No. 70. A few years ago, the judges of Upstate New York’s Best were looking for the best pizza in the area. Winners include More Perreca’s, the bakery’s full-service restaurant. If you missed this ranking, check it out here.

Glenmont Pizza Chef Anthony Berghela Best In The World

The historic Perreca’s Bakery, which opened in 1914, specializes in its coal-fired oven. The bakery sells breads, sandwiches, baked goods and deli items, but the star of the show is the cheese pizza. This piece is seasoned with red sauce, Romano cheese and Parmesan cheese and served at room temperature. According to The Daily Meal, the store was a favorite of actor Jack Nicholson.

Located at #93 is Jay’s Artisan Pizzeria in Buffalo. Owner Jay Langfelder has been in the pizza and food service industry for 20 years. After working his way through local pizzerias and restaurants in Buffalo, he earned a degree in hotel management. Langfelder specializes in Buffalo New York-style, New York-style, Detroit/Sicilian-style, Neapolitan pizza, sourdough pizza and American wood-fired pizza.

Jay’s menu features a mix of flavors including caramelized onions and mortadella, ricotta with wild mushroom sausage and cherry peppers, and pepperoni and chili honey.

While the other 19 restaurants on the list are all located in southern New York state, Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana in New Haven, Connecticut tops the list. Frank Pepe has a location in Yonkers, New York.

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We may receive compensation if you purchase a product or register an account through links on our site. By using this website, you agree to our User Agreement and agree that we, social media and other third party partners may collect, record and/or store your clicks, interactions and personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. New York State is home to many top-notch Italian restaurants, bakeries, bistros, and more, many of which serve fantastic pizza.

From the perfect New York pizza to gourmet, thin-crust, and even regional favorites, everyone can find their perfect slice of pizza in upstate New York, and these 26 restaurants are a great place to start your search.

Find out if your favorite pizzeria was on’s 2019 list of the best pizzerias in New York State.

Best Pizza In Schenectady New York

Here is a list of the best pizza restaurants in New York State, according to All of the businesses on this list fall into the “Pizza” category on Yelp. Best is measured using an algorithm that takes into account the number of reviews, the company’s star rating, how long the business has been open, and more. The number of negative reviews (1 and 2 stars) is also an important factor, and a restaurant with fewer reviews overall may be ranked higher than a restaurant with the same star rating and a higher number of reviews.

I Love Ny Pizza & Fried Chicken

One customer said: “If you pay for the ride home you get a warm loaf of Italian bread and a slice of fried chorizo ​​pizza. OMG, this is so good!! They also sell their pizza if you want to make your own pizza using dough and freshly grated mozzarella cheese.

One customer said: “I come here with my boyfriend all the time. I love the environment. We played board games, ordered beer, and ordered buffalo chicken pizza and pretzels. The pretzels had garlic sauce and were very good. Food, and it was delicious.” “The pizza is thin and crispy! Always fast, friendly service and great beer and food! “

“This is a true gourmet, fast-casual pizzeria,” said one customer. “It’s a Moe’s or Chipotle-style restaurant where you choose the size of your pie and take your turn choosing your sauce, cheese and toppings,” they said. It’s stored in a box over a “wood fire” and is relatively quick cooked. After cooking, additional ingredients can be added. My favorite is the balsamic glaze with fresh basil! A nice addition is that there are vegan options such as vegan cheese (at no extra charge) and vegan sausage (at an additional charge). Gluten-free crusts are also available (although cross-contamination is not guaranteed).

One customer said, “Come to AP and try the world famous Case Famous Pizza! People come from all over to try the best pizza in the Capital Region! I loved the atmosphere today and it was fun to grab some pizzas and a can. It’s so much fun. Drink a cold beer and laugh all night long! “

Every New Yorker Knows: 5 Things To Never Order On Your Pizza

One customer said: “The wings are amazing, the pizza is thin and perfect. The sandwiches are huge and delicious. The homemade fries are super tasty. The noodles are perfectly prepared. The sauce is full of flavor and not sour at all.” “Best soup I’ve ever had. So rich and filling.”

One customer said: “I love oven cakes and slices. They have a wide selection of pieces to choose from. Their stromboli and pizza rolls are also delicious. I have only eaten at the restaurant three times and each time it has been great. The people.” “They are very friendly, hard-working and customer-oriented. Tonight I asked them if they could bake a cake that I bought from another place and they said they would do anything. “

One customer said, “Marinos has the best pizza in Schenectady in my opinion. Open until midnight and the $2.50 pizza is always a hit. I love going up and seeing the pizza dressed all in white. Old Boy throws pizza in the air. The Italian food.” It’s pretty good here too and the portions are huge.”

Best Pizza In Schenectady New York

One customer said: “Anyway, we got the ‘Cuse Salt Potato Pizza’ which is described as: mashed boiled potatoes with mozzarella, Romano pecorino, cheddar and applewood bacon. This stuff changes the game! When our wonderful waitress Emily came to visit – we shared a similar story about the boiled potato pizza. She too was initially apprehensive about eating boiled potatoes on pizza… …but once she tried it (as did my friends and family), she absolutely loved it! ”

High Bridge Pizza

One customer said: “If you like eating out, don’t miss this wonderful restaurant! The owner was a pleasure to talk to and the food was very good. We had a Greek salad with what he said was the perfect dressing. From “He was at Grandma’s. The wings were big, crispy and perfect, and the pizza. Great crust and lots of toppings!”

One customer said: “Best pizza in the area. The owners are the sweetest couple too. Great food, great customer service and a cool atmosphere. We will be back!”

One customer said: “The pizza here is hands down the best in the area. The quality is excellent and consistent every visit, no matter what ingredients are used. Real cheese, thick sweet sauce, fresh vegetables and pepperoni. We recommend.”

One customer said: “This cake definitely had a lot of weight to it. The pizza itself was perfectly prepared. The cheese and all the toppings on it were dense and rich. The mushrooms looked and tasted fresh and were the largest mushrooms I have ever seen!” The crust was very good as it was the right thickness to accommodate all the cheese and large toppings. The crust felt softer but still had a nice crunch to it. The sauce was on the sweet side and I liked a lot of it.”

Pizza Best Sellers

One customer said: “Starting with the pizza, it’s a very traditional New York pizza, the crust crackles when you fold it. The sauce is delicious and the cheese is perfect, rivaling some of the best New York pizza I’ve ever tasted. That’s right.” delicious, they have the best dishes.”

One customer said: “Oh my god…I don’t think I can say enough good things about our food. The service was great. The drink selection was great (note: not all local), the bread with the cheese was great, the toast, the garlic mushroom pizza and the arugula salad we had were all great as were the Pasta specialty we had.”

One customer said: “It was my first time here and I was surprised at how delicious this pizza was. I ordered the Chicken Riggie Pizza x (2) slices. I’m not a Chicken Riggie guy. I live in California and I have traveled around the world. Seriously, this pizza is in the top ten of all time.”

Best Pizza In Schenectady New York

One customer said: “The best restaurant in the greater Rochester area. The ingredients are always fresh and the menu is varied. Standards like bruschetta, macaroni, cheese and wings never disappoint. Nashville Hot Chicken Pizza and other innovative menu items keep us coming back.” Friendly staff! A +++“

Best Pizza Places In The Hudson Valley

One customer said: “This is my favorite pizza! Definitely the best pizza in Ulster County. Grandma’s crust is my absolute favorite, a must try.”

One customer said: “The food is delicious, the service is quick and the prices are reasonable. I really love this place, perfect for a quick meal.” I

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