Rocky House Philadelphia For Sale

Rocky House Philadelphia For Sale – Many sports movie scenes take place on the field, on a boat, in the locker room after the game, or in the coach’s office. But aside from the great games and dramatic music, many of the films also feature home footage.

From the rough house in “The Fighter” to the classic 1950s road tourer in “The Sandlot,” it’s a tour of real estate through sports movies.

Rocky House Philadelphia For Sale

Rocky House Philadelphia For Sale

Often at the top of lists of the best sports movies, “Rocky” has garnered a loyal fan base with three Academy Awards and five sequels. Rocky Balboa’s apartment in an urban building in Philadelphia was an iconic part of the first film.

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The brick building at 1818 E Tusculum St., Philadelphia, shown above, featured iconic scenes between the boxer and his girlfriend Adrian and his manager Mickey. Built in 1920, the residence is currently listed as a three-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment and measures 754 square feet.

The classic children’s movie “The Sandlot” follows the summer antics of a neighborhood baseball team. Most of the 1993 film, set in the 1960s, takes place on the wasteland where men play baseball, although one character’s classic home is briefly seen.

Built in 1956, the house at 1556 S 2000 E in Salt Lake City, pictured above, was last sold in near-original condition in 2009. Complete with green carpet, diamond-studded leaded glass windows, beamed ceiling and brass fittings, the home looks exactly as it did in 1960. The 4-bedroom, three-bathroom Salt Lake City home sits on a quarter-acre lot. It has 1,632 square meters of living space.

Starring notable names such as Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, Rosie O’Donnell and Madonna, “A League of Their Own” introduced the All American Girls Professional Baseball League, which was founded during World War II to bring baseball into the public spotlight while men were abroad. .

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The bulk of the film takes place on the grounds, but a large Victorian house above gets its share of screen time towards the end of the film as the setting for the boarding house. The home in Henderson, Ky., was recently listed for sale in 2011 for $799,000. The list was removed in May 2012. With nine fireplaces, three floors, a full basement and five bedrooms, the house at 612 N Main St, Henderson, was large enough to house the film’s baseball team.

Like “Rocky,” “The Warrior” was an Oscar-winning movie starring a skinny boxer. Starring Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale, the documentary told the story of real-life boxer Mickey Ward and his half-brother Dickie Eklund.

Eklund, once a boxing enthusiast himself, lives in the house shown above in Lowell, Massachusetts. The house is located at 28 Smith Street, Lowell and is painted the same shade of green as in the movie. The three-bedroom, one-bathroom home was built in 1900.

Rocky House Philadelphia For Sale

The white farmhouse and baseball field featured in the hit 1989 movie “Field of Dreams” continues to attract more than 60,000 visitors each year. So it’s no surprise that the new buyers of the “Field of Dreams” site are reportedly ready to turn part of the 193-acre farm into “All-Star Ballpark Paradise,” a 24-field baseball and softball tournament facility.Photos: Jim GrahamFor’s first in a generation For the first time, an 18th-century Main Line home is on the market for $38 million.

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Rock Hill Farm is reminiscent of a bygone era when the grand homes of the Main Line were private retreats surrounded by hundreds of acres of lush grounds. The last of its kind, the home is a 14,031-square-foot mansion with five outbuildings, barns, barns and greenhouses set on 222 acres of old-growth forests, wetlands, rolling hills and streams.

The property’s long history dates back to the 18th century, when the land was purchased by Quaker founder Benjamin Cox. In the latest chapter of Rock Hill history, the Berwyn property is up for sale for the first time in 36 years. Its $38.25 million price tag makes it the most expensive exchange in the Commonwealth. “Oftentimes, a beautiful property comes on the market only after the owners can no longer care for it,” says Jack Aezen of Compass, co-listing agent for Lavinia Smerconish. “Rock Hill is extremely well protected; every building, every inch.”

Actually. Leaves fallen on the plush lawn surrounding the house are swept up daily by a team of five full-time security guards. Views of manicured grounds are punctuated by large, bright windows. There is a swimming pool and swimming pool. The red slate roof was recently replaced for $1 million. The columns at the gates are made of river rocks and field stones collected by farmers plowing the fields in the 1700s. The flowers and other plants at the entrance change according to the seasons. “You hold your breath every time you walk through the doors,” says Aezen. “Just the vegetation along the approach gives you the feeling that you’ve arrived at a resort.”

“Oftentimes beautiful properties only come on the market after the owners can no longer care for them. Rock Hill is extremely well protected; Every building, every inch.” Preserved faithfully

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Since 1985, Rock Hill has been meticulously and faithfully preserved by the family of Tristram C. Colket Jr., grandson of John T. Dorrance Sr., the founder of the Campbell Soup fortune. The property came on the market following Colket’s death in 2020 at the age of 82. He was a long-time supporter and later board member of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, eventually becoming president of its Research Institute.

Rock Hill is the ideal home for a philanthropist, with all the amenities needed for fundraising and other large-scale entertaining. Multiple sets of French doors open to walled verandas. A large wood-paneled dining room seats 40 and features a large wet bar strategically placed outside the entrance. Custom mahogany panels cover the top when the bar isn’t in use, “so it looks like a piece of furniture,” the rep notes.

Three large commercial-grade greenhouses offer an abundance of flowers, including an array of orchids, throughout the year. “They grow things, starting from little sprouts,” says Aezen. “There are always flowers in the house and they are jaw-dropping.”

Rocky House Philadelphia For Sale

Built in 1900, the colonial-style main residence reflects an era when craftsmanship and natural materials were at their peak. The six fireplaces are carefully carved from wood and marble, each with a different design. The family room is crowned with a molded plaster ceiling, and the oval entry level is lined with brick tiles. A service elevator reaches the basement.

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A large butler’s pantry serves both dining rooms and a chef’s kitchen fit for caterers as well as an active family. A large living room features four seating areas for conversation. You can enjoy panoramic views of the rolling hills in the sunny area. “In these hills you feel like you’re inside

The property is rooted in nature, with a series of walking paths running through the grounds. Rock Hill is surrounded on three sides by picturesque Chester County roads, adding to the feel of a bucolic land.

Beyond the side porch just off the living room, an impressive cluster of mature trees opens to a tranquil pond with a nearby tea house. A stone footbridge that looks like it was built by elves crosses Crum Creek, the protected Pennsylvania waterway that runs through the property.

In addition to growing plants in greenhouses, the current owners keep bees, raise chickens and tend to the apple orchard. There are no animals on the farm these days, but there may be. The property includes two hay barns, a two-story stone barn, and several other outbuildings designed to serve a working farm. “There is a beautiful barn with a tying room for grooming the horses and another barn where the animals can stay when not in the field,” says Aezen.

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The exceptional level of management at Rock Hill requires many experienced hands. Most staff live in the facility’s five annexes, which were built long before the main residence. Each is named either for its purpose or setting: Cook’s House, Duck House, Pond House, etc. A residence located on the roadside has its own address. There are six garages throughout the property, two of which serve the main residence.

Despite its size and formality, the main house is a welcoming home with plenty of natural light. The elegant master suite features a walk-in closet and a large, renovated bathroom with a soaking tub. “It’s very tasteful, not ostentatious,” Aezen says of the house.

With Crum Creek being a natural divider for the property, the seller is offering the property in both parcels; one priced just over $20.5 million and the other priced at over $17.7 million. In total, the properties have an annual tax bill of $63,156.

Rocky House Philadelphia For Sale

Because of its size, condition and location, Rock Hill attracts potential buyers who admire history, tranquility and easy access to Philadelphia well beyond the Main Line. “Houses like this don’t exist anymore,” says Aezen. “When I show this

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