New Mobile Homes For Sale In Los Angeles Ca

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Custom mobile home nestled beautifully in Malibu’s Paradise Cove. This week, the Neighborhood Council, which represents a select community in Southern California, is looking at Malibu’s Paradise Cove and Point Dum Club areas. The grounds feature several double-sized and manufactured homes. (Ken Hively/Los Angeles Times)

New Mobile Homes For Sale In Los Angeles Ca

New Mobile Homes For Sale In Los Angeles Ca

For the birds? Maybe. But the phrase takes on an enviable meaning when you consider the million-dollar view of this Paradise Cove birdhouse. (Ken Hively/Los Angeles Times)

Mobile Home Roof Replacement Cost

The signs say it all on this $1 million home listed in Paradise Cove. (Ken Hively/Los Angeles Times)

Many Paradise Cove residents use golf carts to transport surfboards to the beach. (Ken Hively/Los Angeles Times)

View of Point Dume’s expansive coastline from Paradise Cove Mobile Home Park. (Ken Hively/Los Angeles Times)

A custom home is being built at the Pointe Dume Club with a skylight running down the center of the roof. (Ken Hively/Los Angeles Times)

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Point Dume’s spacious living room and kitchen have both mountain and ocean views. (Ken Hively/Los Angeles Times)

Mobile homes have ocean views to the west from the Pointe Dume Club. (Ken Hively/Los Angeles Times)

If you want to live among gas-guzzling, tax-dodging, hippie gypsies on the run from the law, Malibu’s mobile home parks are not the places to look (as the Who suggests in their hit song, “Going Mobile”). ). . You’ll find no traffic trailers here, but double-wides and manufactured homes perched permanently on oceanfront bluffs. In fact, the term “mobile home park” is quite misleading in this part of the world for homes and residences.

New Mobile Homes For Sale In Los Angeles Ca

In its early years, Paradise Cove was a holiday park where surfers flocked during the summers of the 1950s. After all, these homes are available year-round in Malibu. In the early 70s, three upper levels were carved from the side of the mountain.

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A mile or so away, the Point Dume Club on Heathercliffe Road began as an adults-only community in 1972 and was open to the whole family 15 years ago.

More than half of Paradise Cove’s 260 residents are permanent residents, while the rest are second-home owners. Pointe Dume has significantly more permanent residents, with only 30 of the 299 residents renting or renting.

Retiree Tamar Freeman has lived in her mobile home in Paradise Cove for 15 years, and has lived there for 10, and she has nothing but good things to say about the neighborhood. “I feel safe. I can go outside in the middle of the night and see the stars. . . . I can call my neighbors anyway,” he said.

Among those neighbors is realtor David Carter, a 25-year-old teacher of a Malibu mobile home park. “The beachgoers are hanging out like lemmings,” he said on the beaches around Paradise Cove. The park is closed but you cannot enter the park.

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Recently, several homes in Paradise Cove and Pointe Dume Club Parks have sold for around $2 million. Some find such high prices for mobile homes ridiculous, even in Malibu. A one-bedroom, one-bathroom home has a low list price of around $300,000, while homes on the bluffs overlooking the ocean sell for $1 million and up. There are also fees for renting the land and for the homeowners association.

Despite the price, these homes are highly sought after for their views, gated neighborhoods and great residential privileges. Paradise Cove residents have access to a private beach, tennis courts, children’s playground and clubhouse. Those at Point Dume Club have a pool, large spa, sauna, tennis and basketball courts, clubhouse and close proximity to Point Dume State Beach.

Almost every home has a golf cart parked outside, a popular form of transportation, many filled to the brim with surfboards and beach gear. These are child-friendly neighborhoods and the homes are close.

New Mobile Homes For Sale In Los Angeles Ca

The schools are part of the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District. In the 2008 Academic Performance Index Progress Report, the district’s elementary schools scored between 834 and 936 out of 1,000. The Malibu received a high score of 824. Mobile homes are becoming more expensive as renters struggle to make ends meet due to rising rents and fees. Mobile home parks put many owners in their place.

East Los Angeles Avenue, Unit 53, Simi Valley, Ca 93063

For sale signs are on the line at the seniors-only Skyline Mobile Home Park in Torrance, Calif., where residents will face a nearly $200 rent increase on Aug. 24.

For sale signs will line the driveways of the seniors-only Skyline Mobile Home Park in Torrance, Calif., on August 24, where residents will face a nearly $200 rent increase.

According to a study released earlier this month by online lending platform LendingTree, mobile home prices are growing as fast as single-family homes.

Between 2016 and 2021, the median mobile home price nationwide increased by an average of 34.6%, compared to 35.4% for single-family homes, based on LendingTree’s analysis of U.S. Census data.

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Unlike single-family homes, buyers are increasingly buying homes as investments, according to mobile home residents. They can be damaged, which makes them less attractive to buyers. Private companies that own land can reduce the price when they offer to buy the houses.

Additionally, for many mobile home owners, choosing to sell now means entering a tight housing and rental market.

As previously reported, major companies are buying into mobile home parks. The mobile homes drive up rents on the land they sit on, typically driving up prices for low-income and elderly residents who say they can’t afford a new home.

New Mobile Homes For Sale In Los Angeles Ca

Produced Housing Action community organizer Yvonne Maldonado said that all leases require landlords to make their properties livable.

Sycamore Terrace #112, Sunnyvale, Ca 94086 Property For Sale

In many states, landlords have an implied “warranty of habitability,” which requires landlords to certify that their property is habitable. But Maldonado, who lives in an upstate New York mobile home community, said large private companies often do a “credible job” of providing services like garbage and snow removal.

Holly Hook of Swartz Creek Estates, Michigan, was considering selling her home when a new company bought her mobile home in 2018. But Hook soon realized that the move was worthless.

“It’s getting harder and harder to sell, and in most cases you’re losing value,” Hack said.

Hook said he now lives with two roommates, and they split the monthly rent for the place where the house sits. Some of their neighbors, many of whom are elderly people living on permanent Social Security payments, have had to cut back on food and medicine.

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“The community was so stable for years and years that the community was really laying back and people weren’t worried about paying rent,” Hack said. All that calm and sense of security is now gone.

But no one in their community is willing to speak out for fear of retaliation from the company that owns the land they live in, he said.

The median sales price of a new mobile home was $124,900, according to the U.S. Census, the latest month for which data is available.

New Mobile Homes For Sale In Los Angeles Ca

“The issue is very lacking,” said Alison Snow, a housing attorney who represents many mobile home users and a professor at the University of San Diego School of Law.

W 121st St, Los Angeles, Ca 90047

At the time of the outbreak, factories were slow to produce parts needed for new manufactured homes, and there were few builders around, he said.

And there are other risks associated with making any big purchase, Snow said. Buyers who take out bank loans often face high interest rates and hidden fees, he said. People buying used mobile homes should make sure they pass the proper inspections.

Additionally, since mobile home owners do not own the land on which their homes sit, they are constantly at risk of eviction. How to find mobile home locations in Los Angeles, CA Find mobile homes in Los Angeles, CA and list your location in minutes. .

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