House For Sale Listing Websites

House For Sale Listing Websites – 79% of real estate agents and managers have a business website. The most active business sector on social media is real estate. The average real estate company publishes 19.21 posts per week. Now you understand the level of competition in the real estate sector. Creating a website for this highly competitive industry is not easy. You need to meet today’s user demands and focus on asset development and conversion rates. These free real estate website templates have a modern design and will help you sell more properties.

To give you a good idea, we have collected website templates from different categories that follow all the important elements to create an effective real estate website. So let’s go to the list of free real estate websites.

House For Sale Listing Websites

House For Sale Listing Websites

This model’s compact design keeps all important information in one place. As a result, users can easily find the property and its details without having to do a lot of scrolling. The top bar provides an intuitive search bar with quick filter options, allowing users to search for properties regardless of the page they are on. People who want a professional looking real estate website template should list this one. Another advantage of using Konato is that it uses the latest version of Bootstrap 5. All current and future content is fully functional.

What Is The Best Website To Look For Houses?

Bootstrap 5 real estate template features a new look and interface to provide a deeper user experience. The creators have loaded the template with all the modern elements needed for today’s real estate website. Users can quickly view assets on the asset card, saving time and unnecessary load times. To improve the overall user experience, this framework includes many thoughtful features, making it the best home website option for modern businesses.

Mondy has a bold design that catches users’ attention as soon as they enter the website.

Creator uses simple elements and scripts to deliver a smooth and buttery website experience. The template design is hassle-free, so you can easily modify the template and use it on your website. Both property listings and single pages are carefully designed in this way so that users can quickly view important details of a property. This feature also provides a map widget that can be used to display your home location. Since it is an HTML5 template, you will need to adjust the widget maps slightly to suit your needs.

The classic design of this template makes it an ideal choice for property management and real estate websites. The clean layout and graphic design makes information easily accessible to users. It also helps your website work flawlessly on computers and mobile devices. High-quality icons and images enhance the overall look of the template. The creator has included all icons, fonts, and other files in the download folder to make it easy for developers to use the template.

Property Listing Write Ups

Haus is the best home website design created by experienced designers. All aspects and opportunities for housing development within the given space are very well done. This framework needs to hold a lot of content and images, so it provides a lot of white space. Visual effects are used to enhance the user experience, but they also help present things beautifully to the user.

Simple symbols were used to match the clean design of the template. You can add an advanced search box to the header section of your homepage. Since this is an HTML template, search only works on the front end, so you’ll need to handle backend integration. A feature that provides additional subpages such as properties, agents, contacts, etc. The real estate section is designed like a card where you can specify property details and price.

Homey is a custom home website design. The template’s graphic homepage design allows you to connect users to your property as soon as they land on your website. The homepage and other website pages of this template also have a simple design with only the necessary elements and components, making this template an option for all types of website owners and users. This template has a premium feel with a combination of consistent colors and logo design that matches the overall simple style of the template. If you’re creating a modern real estate agency website, a free template like this one would be a good choice.

House For Sale Listing Websites

Ecoverde’s elegant layout allows you to list your properties elegantly and gives you plenty of space to explain how your services differ from others. The real estate agent page also comes with other basic pages, such as a real estate page and an introduction page, making it a suitable template for large real estate companies with many agents. If you want, you can add a real estate agent profile page to make it easy for your users to choose the agent that’s right for them. Take a look at our collection of Bootstrap profile page designs for new design ideas.

Ofek Technologies Templates

The Aler website is designed for real estate agents working in luxury properties and condominiums. The simple design of the template allows users to easily choose whether they should rent or buy a home. The template also comes with a fully-featured search tool to help you quickly narrow down your search options. Signs and symbols help site owners quickly navigate their properties. So users don’t have to load each property page to retrieve that feature. Overall, this is a professional real estate website template with an elegant design that most users will love.

Hus is a multipurpose web design that can be used for both architecture and real estate websites. This template is different from the free real estate website templates on this list. The Hus model emphasizes brand over service. This template would be a good choice if you are creating a website for a famous or fast-growing company. Dynamic content allows you to share engaging narratives about your company with an intentional audience. To increase credibility, a rewards section is also provided on the homepage. For more construction company website designs, check out our collection of free construction website templates.

If your website aims to increase conversion rates or collect more leads, the Azenta template is your best choice. Every element is intelligently designed to enhance your property from top to bottom. Carousels help you organize your assets neatly within the free space on your home page. This page provides brief information about the properties you’re dealing with and helps users easily navigate to the pages they want. Like the other free home templates on this list, this is a mobile responsive website template. You can expect the same seamless desktop experience on your mobile device.

Findstate is another real estate search engine. The rich color scheme and transparent design give this model a beautiful look. To blend in with the overall business-like design of the template, the creators created the animation effects very carefully. A long homepage allows you to list all your features neatly in one place. Other basic real estate websites also offer blog templates to help you run a dynamic website. The plain font itself is legible and easy to read. With just a few design changes, you can create the perfect real estate website in no time.

Property Listing Websites

Real Estate 2 is a feature-rich real estate website template. This template includes all the elements and pages you need for a real estate website. If you don’t have any special requirements, you can use a template to quickly launch your website. Signs and lines separate homes for sale from homes for rent. All elements work well on the front end. You can tweak the design and add functionality to elements. The author has followed professional coding standards in the template, so if you have the resources, you can convert the template to any CMS theme.

The Warehouse is a real estate buying and selling website template. The creators have given us the basic idea of ​​a modern real estate company website with this one-page template. You can take your ideas and develop them according to your needs. This framework is designed with future requirements in mind, making coding very flexible. This framework makes it easy to edit the code and introduce your own functionality. If you are simply using a site to display your assets and manage the rest, you can also use this single page site. It doesn’t matter what kind of website you are planning with the template, you can easily handle it.

If you are looking for a web design that looks modern and contemporary, this will impress you. The artist used a clean and neat style that made paintings and colorful objects look beautiful. Use smooth and fast animation effects to create a dynamic feel.

House For Sale Listing Websites

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