Puppies For Sale In Florida Craigslist

Puppies For Sale In Florida Craigslist – If you browse the Tallahassee’s pet section on the website, you’ll find everything from your lost dog to a friendly farm.

There were some of the unusual pets you would expect. Recently, exotic birds, hedgehogs, snakes and even a tarantula have appeared.

Puppies For Sale In Florida Craigslist

Puppies For Sale In Florida Craigslist

Pigs of all sizes and breeds were scattered throughout the animal list. The micro mini pigs were adorable and house trained!

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Some of the really cute animals on Craigslist were the Hotot dwarf bunnies. They have been described as a “strictly luxury breed” and their purchase comes with a year’s membership of The Eyes of the South Dwarf Hotot Club.

However, the funny pet award goes to two “polydactyl” kittens. The kittens have extra teeth and are free in a good home. Both adorable and weird win.

Cheryl Shaffield, a local Craigslist user, is currently in the process of adopting a donkey from the website. “I was browsing Craigslist and saw an ad for a miniature donkey for someone to give away… I wasn’t really looking for one, but it just popped up!”

Many people have found their strange and perfect animal match on Craigslist, but it’s still always a local humane society with loving animals to take home too. Like the rest of the world, the United States tends to gravitate most towards dogs and cats when it comes to companion animals. In fact, Americans love dogs so much that an estimated 48 million households across the country have them. But while many of them were adopted from shelters, others will be purchased from a breeder, a mill or even a place like Craigslist.

The Best Places To Find A Really Cheap Puppy

Several activists are calling on the US advertising website to take action to close loopholes that allow people to sell and trade animals on their site. And that’s because while many people have good intentions, there are a few cases where people on the site use animals for purposes such as puppy mills and dog fighting.

To understand more about this underground market, we interviewed Kelly Reeves, founder of Paw Prints in the Sand, a salvage company in Southern California. From the Craigslist loophole to the efforts to stop it, here’s what you need to know and how you can help.

Technically, Craigslist prohibits the sale of animals on its platform. However, contributions are allowed for “relocation” purposes. While this may be well-intentioned, it creates a huge loophole that is being widely exploited. In the seven years Reeves’ rescue has been in operation, she has seen more than her fair share of individuals manipulating the system.

Puppies For Sale In Florida Craigslist

“I’ve seen horrible stories of abuse from people who have adopted a dog listed on Craigslist as ‘free to a good home.’ It’s probably one of the worst cases of animal abuse I’ve ever seen. Craigslist is also visited by dog ​​fighters, who are looking for free bait dogs,” she revealed.

Craigslist: The Place For Strange Pets

While her rescue focuses on pulling animals from community shelters, Reeves explained that there are Facebook groups dedicated solely to finding and rescuing animals that have been posted on Craigslist. She also noted that similar battles continue on Facebook Marketplace, where “people are posting a box for sale when they’re actually selling puppies.”

In Reeves’ experience, most animals posted on Craigslist are the result of the previous owner’s lack of proper care and responsibility.

Some are malnourished, covered in fleas and ticks and in need of veterinary attention, but she has yet to encounter an animal that has been knowingly abused. “That’s not to say they’re not there, I just haven’t seen them,” notes Reeves.

Most animals posted on Craigslist are not in bad enough condition to warrant an animal cruelty investigation, but there is a vast gray area between legal action and decent welfare. Just because most animals aren’t overtly abused doesn’t mean they’ve led a good life.

Chihuahua Puppy For Sale

“[One dog] was left in a crate 24/7,” Reeves recalls. “We had to train her, socialize her and let her know that she was safe – that it was okay to be out of the crate and that she wasn’t going to get into trouble just because she was a dog.”

Craigslist has yet to close the “rehoming” loophole on its site. That’s despite continued pressure from activists, including actor Kim Basinger, who wrote to the site’s CEO Jim Buckmaster in 2021 asking him to ban all posts featuring animals.

“It’s crazy to see thousands of posts every day from cities across the country from unscrupulous breeders, puppy and kitten factory operators, and dishonest sellers who take advantage of Craigslist’s ‘return’ loophole and scam families into paying exorbitant pet fees.” Basinger said.

Puppies For Sale In Florida Craigslist

Basinger’s letter was the result of a partnership with the Animal Legal Defense Fund, which, along with a number of other organizations and animal advocates, campaigned for Craigslist to change its official animal policy.

Family Feels Misled And Heartbroken After Buying Puppy Off Craigslist

And while Craigslist doesn’t record these actions, rescues like Paw Prints in the Sand do what they can to work with those who ship their animals for free.

Reeves explained that many surrender their pets to rescues because they are “desperate to get rid of [them].” If the owner refuses to surrender, Reeves said, “they have to be creative and make sure the animal doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.”

We can’t patrol every Craigslist and foster every animal in need, but we can support the people who are doing this necessary work. Reeves advised those looking for a companion animal to adopt from a reputable, reputable rescue and donate to those organizations if financially possible. For those who are not ready to accept a permanent new furry family member, fostering is a great option. Foster carers can lighten the burden of rescue and allow them to save more animals without making a lifetime commitment.

Reeves has seen hundreds of individuals and families give up their pets. When asked about this serious situation, she advised, “If they get an animal from a good rescue, they are contractually obligated to return the animal. But we encourage people who try not to contribute to the issue of animal abandonment and shelter overcrowding and try to solve it.

Craigslist Puppy Scams: How To Spot A Puppy Scammer

“There is always a way to solve things if people are patient and willing to put in the time and effort,” she added. “Unfortunately, there aren’t that many of them, so they come to us and ask us if we can take over their responsibilities. We understand that these are difficult times. People are losing income and losing their homes. I’m just asking them to go to move on and make sure their [companion animal] goes to a good rescue or to a responsible and loving home.

Tanya Flink is a digital editor, writer, and runner living in Orange County, CA.() – Imagine having dogs so cute they have their own Instagram followers! Well, rare pictures of a woman’s puppy on social media have caused her grief. Nightteam’s Kevin Ozebek has the story on today’s 7 Investigates.

Melissa Avolio, French Bulldog lover: “They actually have over 70,000 followers. People from all over the world who simply adore them.

Puppies For Sale In Florida Craigslist

Melissa Avolio owns Java Cat & Dog Spa in Fort Lauderdale. He also owns and breeds expensive French bulldogs.

Beautiful Brown German Shepherd Puppy For Sale

Melissa Avolio: “Bikini were my first. Beta and her sister Peppa are litters from the first Bikini litter.

Melissa Avolio: “Someone contacted me on Instagram. They told me someone was selling my puppies on Craigslist.

Melissa Avolio: “These are the photos they use. This is Beta in my kitchen. This is Beta and her sister Peppa. I can tell it’s the same person every time just because they have a little questionnaire at the end and just by , as the questions are written.

The unfair owner tells the story of the move, saying that “he can no longer keep pets with us. We are willing to give you these puppies if you can promise us that you will never sell them, because they are like children to us.”

Seegmiller Standard Rat Terriers

A woman in Massachusetts agreed to adopt the puppies and was so excited that she posted photos of them on Facebook and asked for help naming them.

Melissa Avolio: “I went on Messenger, contacted her and told her: Don’t send money. This is a scam.’ It broke her heart. She really had her heart set on it. She really thought she was going to bring home two babies.

In this case, Melissa was able to stop the woman from sending money to the bogus shipping company, but she fears others have not been so lucky.

Puppies For Sale In Florida Craigslist

Cinthya Lavin of the Better Business Bureau says French bulldogs are the most popular breed for sale online, but warns, “Don’t let the dog’s eyes fool you.”

Mastiff Puppies For Sale

Cinthya Lavin: “No matter what story is out there about dogs getting well or needing a better home, just don’t wire money to a person you don’t know because you won’t be able to get that money back for me to get it.”

7News reached out to craigslist. They did not respond, but the company issued warnings

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