Stores In Ithaca New York

Stores In Ithaca New York – Ithaca, NY is thriving with a population of 30,000 and two top universities, Cornell University and Ithaca College.

Ithaca is located in New York’s beautiful Finger Lakes region, so there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy (in addition to 150 waterfalls to explore!). Wineries, CDs, and breweries are big here, so if you prefer local craft beers, you’ll love living in Ithaca. The city is relatively affordable, with a median home price under $250,000.

Stores In Ithaca New York

Stores In Ithaca New York

Top Industries and Employers: Ithaca is a city of higher education, so it’s no surprise that higher education jobs are industry titans here.

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Weekend Plans: Pick up fresh produce, local honey, and baked goods at the Ithaca Farmers Market, then browse through a used book of fresh fall leaves and other local shops in downtown Ithaca.

Favorite drink: A wine from one of 25 local wineries in the region, including Six Mile Creek Vineyards and New York Wine Ports.

Outdoor Activities: Bird at Sapsucker Woods Sanctuary, a 230-acre nature lover’s paradise managed by Cornell Ornithology.

Why your pet will love it, too: Downtown Ithaca has dozens of dog-friendly shops, bars and restaurants, so you don’t have to feel guilty about leaving your dog at home.

The Perfect One Day Itinerary For Ithaca, New York — Olivia Outside

Benefits of Telecommuting: If you need a place to work in peace and quiet, check out one of Cornell’s public libraries. University’s A.D. The White Library in particular is a beautiful place to work – it looks like something out of Harry Potter’s Hogwarts.

Ithaca is home to the Institute of Buddhist Studies at Namgyal Monastery, which was chosen as the location for the 14th Dalai Lama’s library and museum. It is also the residence of the North American Private Monastery for His Eminence.

Movoto by OJO is a home search site that provides personalized recommendations and highlights local listings that best fit your needs and preferences. Spend some time in Ithaca and you’ll quickly see why the city is regularly featured on lists of the best places to live. : Beauty goes beyond waterfalls. We are fortunate to live in such a diverse and dynamic community and to welcome guests who want to get to know us better.

Stores In Ithaca New York

We get a lot of questions about how to support African Americans in Ithaca when they visit the city. So we decided to highlight some notable Black-owned businesses to celebrate the many ways they help build, feed, empower, heal and finish our communities.

A Look Back At … Ithaca In 1967

You can learn a lot about Tompkins County’s black history, including the influence of many famous icons.

The roots of Northstar House in Ithaca run deep. The local-focused farm restaurant grew out of a friendship between three people: Jed Ashton and singer Elliott Martin ran together in the sprinklers at Martin Stewart Park as children, and as college students they met saxophonist Lee 30 years ago. Hamilton is in Boston. After returning to Ithaca, the friends knew exactly what they wanted to add to the city’s travel scene: diverse, family-friendly, community-oriented.

Named after a celestial body that has always been a guide for African Americans since our ancestors came here against their will. In 2009, their vision came to life,” explains Ashton. Referring to the city’s history as a stop on the Underground Railroad, he said, “The North Star represents the participants who risked their lives to help people escape slavery.”

Today, Northstar House serves dinner or Sunday lunch and delivers “lively libations and a diverse mix of locals and visitors to the north end of Ithaca’s beautiful, beautiful, Fall Creek neighborhood just north of Ithaca Falls.” does at

Why ‘cancel Rent’ Hasn’t Worked In The City That Tried It

“We really thought about creating a bar, but the food took over,” says Ashton. The menu, led by executive chef Patrick Fields, changes seasonally and shows influences from “Wisconsin to Jamaica, Mexico and upstate New York,” but always with local ingredients and vegetarian staples — though the best seller, surprisingly, is the burger. even though. “It’s beef,” Ashton explained. Sales really took off after the kitchen switched to meat from a regional farm with humanely raised, grass-fed animals harvested in the fall. (The vegetarian option comes with the plant-based Impossible Burger.) But the bar side hasn’t been neglected: a long selection of bottled beers and a rotating draft showcase what New York’s breweries have to offer. The team hopes to expand Northstar’s outdoor dining options to bring the community together, especially during difficult times. UPDATE 2022: Northstar House is open for takeout and dine-in by reservation Tuesday, Thursday-Saturday from 4:00pm to 8:00pm.

Growing mushrooms wasn’t what Wendy Rizzo envisioned when she studied law and began a 20-year career in higher education, but she may have first met her husband, Joe, at a New York City farmer’s market. was a hint. Manufacturing was in their future. Since 2009, Ithaca-based Blue Oyster Farm has been bringing shoppers the full rainbow of mushrooms at Manhattan’s Ithaca Farmers Market and Union Square Greenmarket: blue, yellow and pink oysters, the famous shiitake, and the more exotic lion’s mane, chicken. woods, king oysters and piopino. From a modest initial budget, the business grew into a successful family business specializing exclusively in edible mushrooms.

Joe is a mushroom expert and a driving force, says Wendy, who does a little bit of everything. Growing up as a high school science teacher—managing a garden in Brooklyn and doing plant-based science with her students—was Joe’s first foray into fungi. “From the beginning, we felt that mushrooms would be well received at the farmers market,” Wendy explains. They were right, even if it took years to build a steady customer base. Now 20-year-old son Damian runs a series of indoor rooms where mushrooms are grown in sawdust bags. Jillian Blue, 14, is Oyster’s “spike model” and goes into town with her father on Saturdays to work the tables at the market.

Stores In Ithaca New York

“Our customers eat food,” says Wendy. Soon you’ll be able to explore new and perhaps unexpected aspects of mushrooms at Rizos’ newest venture, the Mushroom Spirit Distillery west of Cayuga Lake. The distillery and tasting room, designed to take tourists on a wine trail, offers spirits infused with a variety of mushroom flavors such as reishi, lion’s mane and chaga. “And of course we have our famous mushroom collection,” Wendy said. “We are very happy.” Update 2022: Mushroom spirits are available at the Ithaca Farmers Market.

The Commons In Ithaca: Spend A Day Downtown Trying These 5 Things In This Finger Lakes City

When Gedse Debabasa opened Hawi Ethiopian Food in 2015, he was in it for the long haul. The former athlete managed to run marathons for his native Ethiopia, sometimes working more than 60 hours a week in the kitchen and business side of the famous restaurant. “The word ‘Hawi’ means ‘desire’ and ‘lover of nature,'” explains Degbasa. I love cooking and owning my own restaurant was my dream, my dream.

Doing it in Ithaca was more of a coincidence. Dejebasa met his former business partner (after returning to Ethiopia) in the kitchen of an Ethiopian restaurant in New York and honed his cooking skills for two years after first coming to America. “My business partner was looking online for cheap rentals in New York,” Degbasa recalls. “I knew Manhattan, but I didn’t know the other boroughs, so I thought Ithaca was in town. I couldn’t believe how much the bus fare was and how long it took. I thought the next stop would be our place. But we finally got here and asked where our restaurant was. when we saw that it was going to happen, it felt right to me.

As the restaurant fills up, the servers move quickly, and everyone eats and drinks, Dejebasa fills the air as he shares Ethiopian favorites, vegetables, grains and meats in a variety of mild and spicy spices and meats. A large, thin pancake made from teff flour is served on bread. Howie welcomes first-timers to his country’s cuisine, so the menu is easy to sample. “Don’t panic about the choice, but try everything,” says Debabasa.

Five years later, the chef doesn’t mind slowing down and hopes his sister will join him from Ethiopia to help with the business. Once again, Dejebasa is moving on to his next adventure – opening a second Howie’s restaurant in another city to bring his country’s cuisine to more people.

Rothschild Building Businesses Spared After Development Project Downsizes

Olivia Hall is an accidental Ithaca who, like many, came to Ithaca, fell in love with her husband and the city, and ended up staying longer than she planned.

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