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Motor Sailing Boats For Sale – BURMA is no ordinary yacht: one for the connoisseur of the best in American design and construction; A magnificent illustration of the motorcycling heritage of William Hand and the legendary quality of construction and materials of the Henry B. Nevins yard. Key to its simple, bold and refined look is designer Richard O. Davis, who worked for 14 years as Hand’s concept artist before becoming Nevins’ designer. BURMA has been a long haul, a short cruise and a racing mother boat, most recently to US East Coast classics. Wherever it goes and whatever role it plays, BURMA catches the eye not only because it is a classic, but also because it is something special. And once on board, the BURMA lives up to the first impression.

William Hand’s instantly recognizable engine designs are said to have developed from his love of swordfishing, and such was Hand’s passion for swordfishing that he did all the design work in his absence (to be fair, even marketing his company’s creations). his assistant, Richard O. Davis. Undoubtedly one of the first NOR’Easter motorcycles – built for the Dupont family that still runs today – came out in 1926 a year after Davis was hired. When America entered World War II, Hand retired. and Davis moved from Fairhaven, Mass., to City Island, New York, hired by the Henry B. Nevins yard to work on the design of sweepers and air-sea lifeboats. After the war, Davis became the designer of Nevins and is best remembered for the three impressive, elliptical motorboats HOLIDAY (82 ft, 1947), SEER (66 ft, 1949) and BURMA (58 ft, 1950).

Motor Sailing Boats For Sale

Motor Sailing Boats For Sale

Combining William Hand’s development of the motor form with his mathematical experience developing hull displacement forms for the US Navy during the war, with these three yachts Davis invented what is now recognized as the pinnacle of the motor form: easy to drive, powerful and perfectly balanced hull form, the original American Motorsailer – which represents the last chapter in history

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Established in 1949, BURMA was completed in 1950, the last of the three, built to Nevins Standard’s finest standards: the finest wood, custom bronze fittings and the finest craftsmanship. The owner of his commission was Frank S. Bissell, a member of the Larchmont and New York Yacht Clubs (where he became the 1st member), one of the true figures of American sailing and amateur sports after the war. He was a wrestling champion (who was inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame before his death in 2012 at the age of 99) and coach.

This BURMA was Frank Bissell’s second, and in the early 1950s he had both at the same time. The first was the 1939 53-foot John G. Alden Yawl, formerly known as TIOGA TOO, in which Bissell won Class A in the first two editions of the Newport-Annapolis Race – 1947 and 1949 – against notable opposition including ARGYLL, BARUNA, BOLERO , CARIBBEE, DJINN, GESTURE, HIGHLAND LIGHT, NINA, NIRVANA, ROYONO, TICONDEROGA and VAMARIE.

Frank Bissell would own the BURMA motorcycle for 32 years until 1981. Then the second owner stayed with it for 24 years. Long periods of equal care are always good for a yacht, with the BURMA carefully cared for and perfectly maintained every winter. Coles Phinizy’s 1970 Sports Illustrated account of future “adventure broker” Buddy Bombard taking Bissell to ocean races is an example of living in BURMA at this time:

“In 1947, a year after working as a deck monkey in class boats, Bombard had the desire to “step up” and try ocean racing too. A 14-year-old boy to the sea, especially an untested child from a country Noticing that the best option would be a large boat, Bombard focused on Burma, a 53-foot yawl owned by Larchmont Yacht Club vice-commodore Frank Bissell. him several times in his office in New York and in Larchmont in follow him to his house.” I pressed Frank Bissell so hard,” said Bombard, “that he finally took me.”

Alden Motor Sailer, United States

“By intuition or luck, Bombard appointed a skipper who understood such youth… When Bissell’s Burma was in port, breakfast was never served until the deck was cleaned and all the brass was shining. “Once I came on deck. ” Bombard remembers, “and I saw Bissell chipping away at the brown, and I thought, ‘Oh, boy, now he’s found more brass to polish.’ “

During the 2nd decade of this century, BURMA operated as a classic regatta under previous ownership by William Fife International 8-Metre QUEST and Herreshoff New York 50 SPARTAN. There is no doubt that she is suitable for such duties, and the 32,000 miles of solo cruising by her original owner proves how useful and comfortable this great yacht can be.

Extensive sets of original drawings for BURMA have been preserved and are available at the M.I.T. Hart Maritime Collection in Cambridge, Mass., USA.

Motor Sailing Boats For Sale

This data has been prepared based on the information provided by the vendors and is intended as a general guide. The buyer should confirm the details they are concerned about through a survey or engineer’s inspection. The buyer must also ensure that the purchase contract adequately reflects his concerns and sets out the details he wishes to rely on. LOD 30 ft x 9.5 ft W x 3 ft 5.5 ft. Deep center table (stainless plate) hand-set solid glass, molded in chute. .

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Epoxy glass layers, finished with 2 poly packs. Remove and fill the inside with similar coverings. All capitals, deck beams, ring frames,

Laminated cowrie and red cedar. Interior water cleaned, clean and airy, mold free, bronze ports and large forward cross line ventilation. The loss, the soul, the lid of the box and the folding table leave all the jars. Ready to add large fridge freezer, gas stove, old style bronze sink pump.

New electric toilet hidden in a box next to the passenger. Large double forward berth, long single center bucket / cleat sofa aft. Two seats opposite. All new upholstered in sun breella fabric. 2 x 40 gal water tanks under berth/storage quarter (self-draining/water retention).

A sunroof and oregeon frame windscreen over the cab, and full vinyl blinds create a private weather proof space. Double wheel drive and tiller.

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Yanmar 3GM, rebuilt with docs, very low hours. Dripless deep sea seal, 2 blade airfoil. Large whale manual and electric sump pump.

Bermuda mainsail, free foot, long foot heavy wooden boom as in gaff sailing, reefs, lazy bags zippered boom. Furling jib to 7/8 points

Almost themselves. All controls, canvas and canvas leading one hand to cockpit, 1x2sp auto to central tail etc, 2xself tail winches. Internal forest cutting deck not included. Wire, bolts near new, sails, HOOD cream hardly used. There was no point in walking up and down the blocks. The mast is a heavy duty aluminum section, all welded; more than one is being built.

Motor Sailing Boats For Sale

This ship is presented as new after a seven year refurbishment, launched in 2005 after fifteen years of construction as time and money became available.

Used Boden 12.0 Steel Ketch Motorsailer For Sale

Complete this project without any effort or cost. Lightly used for 4 or 5 years, all bugs/issues fixed. Unfortunately

My status changed and was not used. Not good for a special boat, as it should be in some people’s hands

It will realize its full potential for coastal cruising. This is a basic boat waiting for a new owner to add a personal touch. It is supplied

It must be sold AS IS, WHERE IS, the cost of getting in and out of the water is quite exorbitant.

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She is the last of 6 glass vessels produced around Noosa between the mid and late 80’s. It was 24 meters. On cutting and closing

26m, Susan now went to Pittwater under a different name. I had sailed her a lot, so I decided to order a cabin cruiser version of my design with the extended vantail that the hull builders had very skillfully installed. I created the rest with a LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS. The mold is gone, so SORITA will never be replaced. Glass/wood composites make it very easy to maintain a nice boat. with a generous internal volume. Our seller has owned ‘Ishvara’ since 2014 and has sailed extensively including a trip from the UK to Menorca, across the Mediterranean and back. Owned and cared for, ‘Ishvara’ has been modified to suit the requirements of our dealers over the past two years as a boat, now empty and ready for her new patrons to experience similar adventures. The masts are moved and stored on the boat in Brighton. Refurbishing, painting and restoring the soft furnishings needed to bring it back to its former glory.

Selling your boat privately can usually be very complicated and requires a lot of your personal time.

Motor Sailing Boats For Sale

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