Homes For Sale In Union Springs New York Zillow

Homes For Sale In Union Springs New York Zillow – TV chef Bobby Flay has put his home in Saratoga Springs, New York on the market. Credit: Getty Images; Google Maps

Celebrity chef Bobby Flay knocked down his vacation home in Saratoga Springs, New York, and put it on the market last week for $395,000.

Homes For Sale In Union Springs New York Zillow

Homes For Sale In Union Springs New York Zillow

That means Flay, 58, will double his investment in the loft, which he bought for $1.7 million in early 2021, PropertyShark records show.

Rainer Lewis House

Featured on Beautiful Homes in April, the four-bedroom Tudor home was built in 1939 and adjoins the Oklahoma Training Track, convenient for Flay, a racing enthusiast and horse owner.

Flay bought the 3,087-square-foot home as “an open space for family and friends to live and cook,” said New York City interior designer Olivia Capuano—founder and principal of Olivia Jane Design, which renovated the property. Beautiful House.

He converted his home office into a bourbon lounge and an existing fire pit into an outdoor kitchen.

Not surprisingly, the heart of the home is an upscale kitchen with vaulted ceilings, an exposed brick and gas fireplace, and views of the practice area, according to the listing by JoAnn Potrzuski Cassidy and Julie & Co. Property. , who declined to comment on the report.

Green St, Union Springs, Ny 13160

It also features light-filled living areas including a dark-painted room and bourbon bar with wet bar, two master bedroom suites, one on the first floor and one upstairs, and a sunken sitting area. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, Union Springs, Alabama flourished. Two major railroads crossed in the small town, making it an important center of the country and the South. The booming industry and commerce in Union Springs made many residents very wealthy, which led to the construction of many beautiful southern homes around the town. The architecture of the homes built in Union Springs since Reconstruction days has been as varied as the officials who built them. Construction of this twelve-room mansion, known today as the Rainer-Lewis House, began in 1902. Completed in 1904, the Neo-Classical Revival-style home features a full porch with four large Corinthian columns, a second-floor love porch, and a stained-glass window on the interior staircase. Evin Sterling Price Rainer, Jr. Although said to have been designed by, he would have been a teenager at the time of its construction. According to Rayner Jr.’s grandson, Bill Rayner, the house was probably built by Sterling Price Rayner, Sr.’s brother. elder, William Walton Rainer.

William Walton Rayner was born on February 12, 1853. He was the eldest son of Captain Joel H. Rayner, a pioneer citizen and leader in the early history of United Springs and Bullock County. W. W. Rainer served as president of the Merchants and Farmers Bank of Union Springs for over 20 years. In addition to his association with the bank, Mr. Rayner was for many years one of the largest planters in the area. He died on October 21, 1929 at the age of 77 after a major operation in a Montgomery hospital. W. W. Rainer has always been interested in politics and has served as a member of the State Democratic Executive Committee and School Board. At the time of his death he was the largest business man in Union Springs.

Sterling Price Rainer, Sr. he was a successful businessman and served as Probate Judge for Bullock County. He served on the city council for four years before becoming Mayor and later served as a State Representative from Bullock County in 1907. He lived a few blocks away from a modest house built in the 1800s. Sterling Price Rainer, Jr. Born January 24, 1885, and raised in Union Springs. He attended the University of Alabama and in 1908 started a cotton warehouse business known as Dixie Warehouse. Sterling Price Rainer Jr. he followed in his father’s footsteps as Probate Judge in Bullock County and was later elected mayor of United Springs. Sterling Price Rainer, Jr. They married Jean Lacoste Evans in 1909 and welcomed their first child, Sterling Price Rainer III, in 1911. The couple had three children by 1918. Rainer, Jr. He spent his entire life in Union Springs. He died on May 29, 1967 at the age of 82. His obituary said he was a deacon at Union Springs Presbyterian Church for 42 years. The Rainer family is buried at Oak Hill Cemetery in Union Springs.

Homes For Sale In Union Springs New York Zillow

This house Dr. Joyce C. and Albert Lewis 1994-2009. Dr. Joice C. Bailey-Lewis is a former superintendent of Bullock County Schools. In the 1990s, he received praise from Governor Fob James for his “commitment and commitment to quality education in the Macon County School System.” Dr. Lewis was appointed State Chief Financial Officer to intervene in the finances of the Macon County School System when the system was declared bankrupt. Dr. Lewis finished his career at Macon County in 1997.

Year Old Abandoned ‘notebook’ Mansion Has Tiktok In A Tizzy

In 2012, Rainer-Lewis House Dr. Marcy Hikes-McDonald, who found a home for sale online. He bought a house and moved to Union Springs to retire after working for the Veterans Administration for many years. Dr. Walks worked to repair and beautify the house. Her brother Robert Hicks retired from Honeywell Corporation in Massachusetts and moved in with her. In 2015, Marcy and Robert decided to move to Georgia and leave the United Springs area to be closer to family. Due to age or illness, the address is exempt from property tax and vacated. In February 2022, workers were seen around the building with elevator cars stopped in front, and many wondered if repairs were pending. Apparently, the equipment was not for the Rainer-Lewis House, but for the permanent restoration of the door. Over the summer, a neighbor emailed me and said the house was being bought by a restoration company.

You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. For more amazing abandoned places throughout Alabama, check out Abandoned Birmingham and Abandoned Alabama: Explore the Heart of Dixie.

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