House For Sale In Arcadia Ca

House For Sale In Arcadia Ca – The mere mention of luxury real estate in Southern California conjures up visions of a beach house in Malibu or an estate in the hills of Bel Air. But for a certain segment of the very affluent population, the most desirable market in the area is in a landlocked valley 20 miles northeast of the city center.

The town is a bedroom community that stretches from the flatlands of the San Gabriel Valley to the foothills that give the valley its name. Formerly known as the home of Santa Anita Raceway, Arcadia is now infamous as a place where the average list price has risen to $1.5 million over the past five years.

House For Sale In Arcadia Ca

House For Sale In Arcadia Ca

What is a lottery? It’s a matter of supply and demand, says Lucy Mao of real estate firm Partners Trust. Although Arcadia has been a very diverse community since the 1980s, the last 10 years have seen a significant increase in the Chinese population.

For Sale: 9781 Highway 3, Arcadia, Nova Scotia B0w1b0

The interest of Chinese buyers is due to their country’s economic boom, which has created many new millionaires, many of whom are looking for a safe place to park their money. Somewhere like Arcadia, where the average price per square foot is 50 percent higher than Los Angeles, and $7 million listings show favorable feng shui destruction.

But it’s not just a good investment. Chinese buyers — and others who follow them in what could become the next Calabasas — are also looking for luxuries that can set a 10,000-square-foot mansion apart from its peers.

In-demand Arcadian designers like Shanghai-born Robert Tang, whose custom Mediterranean homes fetch up to $10 million, are happy to offer these features, adding mah-jongg rooms and walk-in kitchens to the usual high-end. . benefits

The swimming pool is also designed to impress, with synchronized water jets, mood lighting and retractable 3D TV screens to enjoy the latest blockbusters while floating under the California stars. And while parents commute to Asia on business, children can stay to attend local schools like the private Arroyo Pacific Academy.

Houses Coming To Arcadia

However, these new homes may represent the peak of Arcadia’s prosperity. New city laws are restricting the practice due to the sprawl of established neighborhoods, and the Chinese government is tightening rules on overseas investment. However, as long as China continues to produce millionaires and Southern California continues to attract buyers of all nationalities looking for impressive places to live, there is no doubt that developers will continue to offer the large homes and attractive amenities that They will deliver – Mahjong room or not. . .

$7.77 million, 935 West Foothill Blvd. French-style, high-quality marble and tile, wine cellar and home theater.

The $9.49 million 1100 Fallen Leaf Road was designed for outdoor parties with barbecues, hot tubs and a pool with a waterfall.

House For Sale In Arcadia Ca

Travis Kelce just bought a $6 million mansion. Two of Jackie Kennedy’s former DC homes are up for sale Now you can rent Princess Diana’s childhood home at Balmoral Castle.

Live Oak Ave. Arcadia California 91006 Multi Family For Sale

Check out Jackie Kennedy’s childhood summer home in George Lucas’ Provence vineyard, Stephen Sondheim’s New York City home for sale at Mar-a-Lago.

Bonnie Malone’s historic Cape Cod home for sale in British Isles Agatha Christie Kendall Roy’s Upper East Side penthouse inside the home of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor is for sale.

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